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Gametrailers 9.9 for GRAW


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You know, GR:AW hasn't been getting as many GOTY-worthy ratings as it should be. Everyone is too biased towards Sony, and they're taking it out on great games that deserve way better ratings than they're receiving. It really isn't fair, because this game deserves exactly what Game Trailers gave it, and more.

Awesome, thanks for the link.

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Well the graphics seem amazing, true (although I reckon they could well have been a bit grittier, everything seems a bit too clean).

One section of the review epitomises the way Ghost Recon has changed into a complete console shooter. It is in the first half of the review, your character runs down a hill, firing his assualt rifle on full auto, and killing the guy at the bottom.

Try this in the first GR and your a dead man, you would get cut to ribbons. You would drop to one knee, double tap, and the guy is down. I noticed there was a great deal of running and gunning in the rest of the review as well. Now ive never fired an assault rifle but I doubt anyone can fire it accurately on full auto whilst your running, its ridiculous.

Im not a PC only fan by the way, I have every installment on both PC and XBox so far, GRAW will most probably be the only installment I will never play, because by all accounts it has lost the very reasons I played and loved it in the first place (athough GR2 and GR2:SS were a bit more consolised than I liked).

Why is there so much clutter on the screen as well?

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Just watched it. Amazing review, hits the nail square on the head.

And to answer all of your questions Lucky Star, that's the multi-player. On co-op. The co-op AI isn't too smart, because there are usually hundreds of them running around. If I ever get these videos I have posted, I'll show you what I mean. You do get cut to ribbons. A lot. And I mean, A LOT.

It isn't as run and gun as it looks in the review. One of my buddies who is part of the run and gun crowd tried it out and got cut down so many times, he almost broke one of my controllers. And it really isn't RNG if you're playing on Hard.

The screen is cluttered because of all of the enemies that the cross-com is following. This feature is turned off easily.

- Drew

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9.9 is abit too high in my opinion, would say 9.8 is about right.

Lol, nah, it's a great experience and well worth the purchase of a xbox 360. To my surprise the machine actually delivers. And it looks as the best pc money can buy at this moment. I can one only hope that the pc version even surpasses this. That would be awesome. For now, I will enjoy GRAW on xbox 360 until I get tired of it.




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