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Playing the 360 version on a PC - is it possible?

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Being that the PC and XB-360 are kissing cousins, is it possible to run GR:AW XB-360 on a PC or via an emulator on a PC?

I've been trying to find an XB-360 to rent but they dont seem to be doing that these days.

Except the X360 got unified GPU/CPU memory and 3 dualcore CPUs....

No it is two totally different machines.

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really wouldnt be worth it. Graw 360 is ok for the 360, Im feeling like the PC version will surpass it tho. My opinion is based on playing the 360 version and looking at ss of the pc version.

Considering it's being hailed as one of the best millitary or tactical shooters ever made, Graw PC will have to be something really special to surpass it.

I don't doubt GRIN can do it, but I see no reason to be overconfident.

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im not gonna bash graw for the 360, I own it, I enjoy it. I purchased it to make the wait a lil easier, same reason I purchased gr2. The game is definately tailored for the console. Regardless of how wonderful the 360 hardware may be, Graw doesnt fully optimize it. MP feels like Im playing an expansion from GR1 pc. Which is fine for a Gr addict, dying from lack of info and a disappointing cancellation of gr2 :angry: , but I promise its not the "greatest" tactical shooter ever made, IMO of course. GR1 PC still holds that title again IMO. Instead of complain about all the lil issues GRAW 360 has I'm enjoying mine til May, then will probably never load it in the 360 again....unless some free DL content is available. :rocky:


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"Being that the PC and XB-360 are kissing cousins,"

If they are cousings the kid will come out really messed up.

So no.

Dough! :hehe:

By the way... your sig headshot is creepy. Put a rug on that thing.

Nah, he's got a Hitman thing goin on. You dont have to wash your hair, if you dont have any.

Back on topic.... the 360 is pretty cool and all, but I am waiting for the REAL GR:AW to come out.

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