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Hey GRIN, a MP suggestion for ya.....

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In keeping with the neat customizable arm patches Rainbow Six had in MP, can you do the same with GRAW?

Or another idea in MP is having the players name on the top back of vest. I believe I saw this in the 360 version where each soldier had their name on each of their own vests.

Just some suggestions for ya. Open to any ideas from the group as well. :thumbsup:

P.S. When is the demo coming out?? :rolleyes::whistle: Sorry....I had to ask, would'nt be right if I didn't....... :P



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Ya know.....

playin ghostrecon all this time and other tac sims I've never really noticed the arm patches.

I mean, with bullets whizzin past my head and bombs exploding...people screamin n dyin I've never come across a situation where I stop and notice.."hey dude nice arm patch you got there!"

.......but thats just me. :blink:

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The name on the back of the vest would be nice. This way when IFF is off (which I hope we can also turn off in this version of GR) you still know silent_op, Freshmixture, HaDez, Stalker_Zero, Fedyan, quiznoes, Prozac360, ARDelta, Deserteagle, Enos_Pork or myself is standing next/ in front of you.

Nice little tough ;)

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While diggin' through some old images I found this image (not exactly, but still). I think this is a neat way to display the players names on the back in MP.


What do you think?   :D:sheep:

That looks good Toniezz. :thumbsup: If everyone did names in a way that allowed it to feel like a part of the uniform, then it would look good all of the time.

I think the name thing can become really ugly when people start "plastering" huge name plates across their backs. Then it just destroys the aesthetics of the skin to start with. But then again who I am to say such things? If we had the ability to do such things, that would allow us to make our own skins...

Please Bo, ask UBI to allow GRIN to ship PC GR:AW with 3DS Max plugins and photoshop plugins. ( and all of the other modder critical tools) :)


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rgr Si_op, I agree on that..but... to be clear on this, I only added the textballons. The name 'Mitchel', 'Ramirez' etc. are already like this on the uniforms in SP mode (as far as I can see on available pictures). I think it could also work for MP this way. Otherwise you get a lot of freewheeling on uniform patches in the game. I don't know, but I don't think that would work for me. Being spotted because you have a naked girl or somesort on ur back *hmmm*. Nope just army nametags are ok by me. :thumbsup:

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I have posted this several times...and its the ONE feature I am praying makes it into the game.

After reading how on this forum...I put my whole squads actual faces in the game....each has a slightly different uni....and their own vest....with call name on the back.

The call names are very subtle...but its amazing to just tell your buddies by their face in the game.

Just a few weeks ago...we started a mission in a large garage area....thought we had it cleared....I started off towards a door...when I heard the shots start ringing out....I spun, and dropped to the ground...saw feet under a truck....just was ready to fire...when I saw those feet turn into my best friends face staring at me as he dropped to the ground.....It was such a cool feeling knowing that this time...friendly fire was avoided because ...."HEY...I KNOW THAT GUY!!!!"

So as was stated...give us the ability to MOD away....and I will be a happy boy.


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