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Serelllan, any way to unlock the mp weapons in sp?


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Hey mate,

is it possible to get the mp weapons in the sp game?

I love the game, but it sure lacks rifles in sp. And I'd like you to note the reload animation bug. The animation is there, but the magazine isn't removed from the rifle. Or was it meant to be that way? Can't think it was, would be kinda cheap.

And when you pick up a M107, it's called a M307. And how do you select the M107 instead of the M95? Is it possible?


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The magazine isn't removed from the clip becuase there is no magazine. I'm guessing you are talking about the MRC or whatever it is, which is Caseless ammo. So there wouldn't be a magazine. Just some input.

Well of course it has a magazine, how else to you expect the bullets to be fed to the weapon? Caseless means that the shells don't eject, mate.

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