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Spyware.....(a possible anyway??)


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Still not had Win XP long and I can't seem to determine if an app on my system is spyware of some kind for definite or is actually a critical system file :wacko: ! I've certainly not ever seen it on WinME or even 98(SE) either but obviously there are the differences lol!

Lavasoft Adaware for one insists it is spyware, but like many I am usually careful before deleting the not so obvious spyware apps off my system without double checking and I don;t take Adaware at 100% face value either......

I have this FSG.exe app that seems to serve no purpose and as explained Adaware see's as spyware......My question to anyone running Win XP Home if they wouldn't mind doing a quick search of their system to see if you have it resident is, do you have an app called FSG.exe running on XP Home Ed please????......

If you haven;t, have you heard of it or othewrwise too plz?? It tries to connect to the net on occasion too, but McAfee Firewall V4 has earnt it's worth and blocked this FSG.exe and other ###### accesing the net and stealing bandwidth and I'd really like to get to the bottom of this one as it's always running in the background too and using resources (hardly uses any but if it's ###### I want it history lol), it's being denied to access to the net hasn't caused any problems either! I've asked 1 XP Home user to do a search and they didn't have the file at all so would like to find out from several XP Home users if they have come across this mysterious app lol :)! I'll probably ZIP the file to isolate it and see if my system gets totally unstable without it as well, but I would like to know for sure if others have it or not and determine whether it's been installed along with something else without my complete consent, and I generally watch everything that goes on to cut this crap out lol!!

Any feedback or replies on this one appreciated!!

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I haven't edited the above as it may be useful if anyone else asks the same question hehehe!!! Typically I couldn't find any info before asking so had to resort to asking, but then finally found some info just after posting rofl :)!

I knew of the usual spyware's like Gator, Trickler and the Kazaa ###### etc but had never come across FSG.exe.....I finally found out that this damn FSG.exe renames itself FROM the Trickler.exe (the crafty ###### lol), so Adaware was correct in seeing it as spyware and I am shot of the piece of crap finally :)!

Hopefully people will read both posts before dashing to my aid in this case too, but it may also serve useful for others to check if they also have it on reading this without their knowledge too :)!

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