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I would like to hear what others think of the maps in MP.

I am really liking the game and haven't even scratched the surface of game types and the current offering is great in terms of details and layout with decent variation between them but ... it seems that Fishing Village and Treasury are two of the largest maps. Where are maps on the scale of Dam (the original - I know some thought it was too large for LMS since peep could run and hide but it was a great map for other game types and even LMS depending on the settings), Missle Site, Peaks, Rolling Hills, River Valley etc. ?

With the focus of GR being open combat vs close quarters and the addition of crosscom and the drone which shrink the battlefield based on improved intel and communications I was expecting larger/mor eopen environments.

Contact on most maps seems to occur very quickly and be geared more to 5 minute LMS or 10 minute or longer Sharp Shooter matches. What about maps supporting 10 minute siege type games where you may not have contact for 2 or 3 minutes allowing teams to use different approaches and defenses and not encouraging the rush to choke points?

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Having MP-only maps means they have been tailored to get us into action ASAP, which to me is a good thing. The game is no longer about picking a weapon as fast as you can, running flat out to the middle of the map, stopping and peaking. Now there is only a few seconds to get out of the spawn and from then on the game is all stealth.

Do you really miss the 90 second dash on Bunker Hill/LMS? Or the 4 minute hike to take the long way around on Peaks/Siege?

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