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Question for moderator or Rocky

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Wanted to check with you guys first and I am guessing that you dont want to step into the "sales" game at GR.net, but I have a TI 4600 Leadtek for sale (just gotta have the NV30 wouldnt you know) and wanted to see what you reules were re: this issue.



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Hmmm.....pretty sure this came up before. Since I'm not 100% certain, I'm not going to make any kind of call, yet....but let me run it past Rocky, since it is his site and he has final word on everything. Just don't go posting any ads, yet.

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ebay it man. dude ive sold computers i couldnt pawn for 100 bucks for 600!! people will buy anything. just recently unloaded an old book that retails brand new for 40 bucks (u can still get it at amazon for that price too!), someone is layin down close to 70. :huh:

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