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Can someone explain to me how ranking works?


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I found this on the gamespot forums. Don't know if it's true but something is fishy about this guy being waaaaaaay ahead of everyone else.

I know the Guy who is ranked first!

Scruffylookin2k Mar 10, 2006, 3:19 am


I played with him on PD0 all the time.

Anyways, I have reason to believe that he cheated to get to first. While we are friendly torwards eachother, I don't want to stand by if he is cheating.

He has multiple GTs and he has been playing in locked servers with just the other gamertags.

Can I contact UBisoft about this. Is boosting like that going to be considered a violation of anything. Can anything be done.

I am not trying to cause problems here but I dont want to be cheated so I ask here.

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Him being that high does seem a bit fishy, and unless this guy is on the Dev Team, I have reason to doubt he'd be that high.

I mean, the whole idea of TruSkill is to balance things out, and keep everyone around everyone, and never let somebody level off of people signifigantly lower than him...


Anyone at Ubisoft have something to say?

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easy peasy he gets two 360's two live accounts then plays a private game of capture the flag ,sets the timer to 60 minutes then walks away ,reads newspaper whatever .hmm i think ??? technically possible

and if you look at the guy hes also got 500 headshots in sniper already i think thats a definate on the boost

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