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GR:AW Soundtrack.

Avalon Drew

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I don't know, but there's just something about the music in GRAW that gets me.

I just can't quite get enough of it. I was just wondering if anyone would have any information where to get the songs, whether by download or purchase.

It'll probably never happen, but there's no reason not to hope, I guess.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I'd be surprised if they didnt seeing as they put more effort into music in this iteration of GR than in the previous versions put together. Tom Salta and his crew did a good job(any one get that 24 feeling)

Im surprised bill brown didnt reprise is role as music composer as his composition for [GR] and R6 was excellent. Really suited the mood of the series.

On a sidenote id really love to get a live version of these orchestral pieces similar to the live Dear friends:final fantasy concerts. A live "Dear friends:Tom clancy" live album. That would be sweet. Ubi? fancy making a quick buck? :rocky:

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Tom Salta composed the tunes in GRAW.


Some of the tracks can be found online. (see below interview with mp3s and his page)



I know he posted a few of them a few months back. There is also a soundtrack out (I have two autographed copies that I won during the viral campaign) but I don't know how available it is.

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