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Whether you've created or found a cool site, established an entire corporate identity, or came across a particularly snazzy logo, here is the place to showcase it.

Please do not showcase works-in-progress of any kind. Start a new thread for site checks and feedback.

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I've always been a huge fan of the Design Chapel ... they've always managed to maintain their very unique, earth-tone-meets-the-Fatherland vibe about them.

My heroes have always been and continue to be the folks over at 2Advanced.

But for the longest time, I've always admired what how Neostream implemented their site.

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Ya, I love the 3d effects 2Advanced gives their graphics. So cool. But the layout leaves something to be desired. Neostream has got serious style. Their cartoon mascot is rad. Also, the interface is really clean and simple. Awesome.

check out the site for the film Style Wars about the begining of graff in NYC.

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no, i'd never seen Belief before. I like their work though, especially the ad they did the the Saleen S7 uber-car. check it out Their frontpage is an example of good/clean/simple design that is desperately lacking these days.

Link pages are my friend. Look what I found.

IDEA - a design magazine. from Japan. the center of the deign universe.

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Does anyone here own a PSP or mobile phone??

If so check this out http://devnome.wapple.net/nome.php?k=1.6

This is a site by a friend of ours using our new Wap engine.(For mobile internet).

So whats cool about that you say?

Well our engine delivers content dynamically to any wireless device, including dynamic image resizing and more on the fly based on a devices screen size.

With Web you have 3-4 screen resolutions to deal with 800-1600.

Wireless devices is different.Mobile phones,PDA's, gaming consoles etc come in a variety of screen widths from 96px - 500px+ wide.

Catering for all these can be a headache.

To really appreciate this you need to view it on numerous devices to see it working at its extremes.

To the consumer they get what they expect.

To the buisness they get their content delivered to the users expectations.

This is currently development work, but check it out and say what you think.

You can also view it on a web browser, but thats not what it's design for so will probably be a let down.

It's designed for mobile, to be viewed on mobile devices.

This site might not be to everyones taste,and is currently unfinished but check it out.

We as a company are pushing the boundaries of Wap from plain old white pages with blue links to what the consumers of Web are used to But on Wap with full colour XHTML sites, but in the meantime still offering full support to older wml devices.

This currently puts us in a market leading position over people like Myspace and we currently have the backing of some big players in the mobile industry.We already have someone pushing us to take over the Vodaphone live delivery system.(the biggest Uk operator).

Anyhow just a little insight into what i do at work, i saw this on a PSP yesterday and IMO it looked fricking awesome.Not seen anything like it on a mobile device before. ;)

So thought i'd share it with ya.

If you want to view the artists website check http://www.lunartik.com/

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