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Tom Clancy’s Firehawk


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I think i could see it being a Chopper game. I see it being no diffrent that say a story about Airwolf.

Could be a story about a Chopper crew doing there thing in the heat of battle.

He has done other things like 3 Sub books SSN (1996), Red Storm Rising (1986) & The Hunt for Red October (1984) they even made a game out of SSN! I can't say it is a chopper game no, but he has done other things besides just ground combat. I see it being posible but yet still it can still be about anything.

Plus to be honest i would love to have a chopper sim finaly make its way out, well only if its online if not than i guess i can skip it LOL and with Tom Clancy in the name im sure it could be done right.

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I hope everyone realizes this:


As a follow-up to the story, a senior Ubisoft spokesperson categorically denies the content on the list as it is inaccurate and incorrect.

domain:                      FIREHAWKGAME.COM

owner-name:          UbiSoft Entertainment

domain:                      GHOSTRECON4.COM

owner-name:          UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT

The listed titles are real but maybe the release dates will change...


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