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Bite me UBI.

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Title says it all really....... Ive been playing this series of games for god knows how long and now just when I think they are actually, just for a change, just for once, maybe this time going to give us the next game that the faithfull GR PC community deserve, .............they pull that joker out again.

Makes me sick man....... :o=

The console always gets prefferential treatment and its got jack to do with adding in extras, they just leave us PC users at the back of the queue!

Anyway, best get back to building my house..........hello to all the old skool heads at gr.net.....see you on the server whenever GR3 is out!

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Hmm i wonder if a 'vanilla' fourm user had posted like that if we'd get such a sympathtic reponse Rocky ;)

While i agree with him i think it's useless to take it pesonal. The games world is a business so if us PC players find ourselves at the back of the que all the time it's cause that's what makes bussines sense to UBI.

I am jacked off that they feed us bull about the reasons. Just tell us it's biz and we'll take our lumps like adults.

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Hmm i wonder if a 'vanilla' fourm user had posted like that if we'd get such a sympathtic reponse Rocky  ;)

What you perhaps don't realise is that the poster had another one of his posts, which was basically saying the same thing as he said above, deleted. So, yes, he was treated exactly the same as any other poster. I see a tendancy to critique moderators on this forum recently, when plainly those doing the criticising do not have all the details or information at their disposal. That needs to stop.

It seems when we are "sympathetic" we are the bad guys, and when we are hard line, was are still the bad guys. Oh the joy.

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People aren't being prevented from venting. What is being moderated is HOW the venting is done. Being abusive and attacking is going to get your post deleted.

Saying you are angry and explain why, most likely won't get it deleted, but it may get merged with a similar thread as we can't have each person starting a "I'm angry" thread.

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Ah dear eh, never thought I'd see the day when I had a post deleted for giving Ubi a hard time. He he............ .

I certainly didn't mean to offend any 'fans of Ubi'. Its just some of us take a more cynical view when it comes to Ubi, I will always be a Red storm kinda' guy myself.

Some of us have been waiting a long, long time for this game, and I have seen some good players and friends leave because UBI did not support the PC community. How many years has it taken to get a new version of GR out?

I admire some of the guys here who continue to Mod and support the original version, but when you see other games and the leap in technology that is being constantly made doesn't it rankle you older gr.net guys just a little?

Phww.....changed days girls. Like I said I don't particularly care for the way Ubi have stiffed us in the past, and that opinion will not change until I see the goods on the table.

I will be the first in line to buy the new Gr when it is released, but I can't believe how long it has taken to get it!

So if I was a little over zealous in my criticism, well, that's just the way I am. *edits original phrase* A little peeved at Ubi........until they make it up to me.

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Forgot to say hi to Avey.......and Zero. Aww dudes i would love to, I am in work right now and doing 12 hour days at the mo'. I will have to try and dig out an old copy of GR and all the mods if I can find 'em... hope you are are both well!

See you on the server when I am done with the madness out here in NZ! GR Rocks !!!!!! Ubi can go for a long drive off a short pier......hee hee.........* Apologies to all those offended, I am sure you will all be having sleepless nights in your Ubi pyjamas because of my disguisting comments*....he he......aahhhh where's Sart when I need him?

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i dont mind waiting if its going to give us a better product at the eod

same here...I think they said, "let's just dump this console crap out the door, so we can focus on what's really important."

All things come to those who wait?

an-tic-i-pay, yay, shun, it's makin me wait....(heinze commercial, before you were born...)_

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