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Got GRAW yesterday and i just wanted to


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Yesterday after work i picked it upfrom the store along with Fight Night 3.

What's so damn nice about all this that , it was a complete surprise.

last week we got to hear that the game would release in europe(Holland here)

this friday, then i called my shop and they told me that the game could very well

be out on wednesday, when i got back from work last monday my bro told me

the shop said they would have the game tuesday(yesterday) and it was true...and that's what i call a pleasant surprise :P

Anyway,the game...

What an unbelieveably ###### amazing game. I was already amazed with the video footage on the internet but when i saw it all myself on my projector i was like "no effin wayyyyyy" even if it was just the small baricaded training area i was already amazed at the details, the buildings,and the details on the soldier, it's awesome that you can destroy any vehicle that you see, i absolutely love every single graphical effect(it's ZE DETAILSSSS ,lol) when enemy fires hits the wall that your standing against or behind, the effect of it all, it looks so awesome, it never has been done this well before. Then you have the explosions, the way the

soldiers move and how realistic it all looks, the awesome weaponry, the ridiculous(meant in a good way) view distance...man...i can remember quite well when i saw that footage for the first time, the chopper flying around and seeing that draw distance all those buildings and stuff...i was like "ahhh, well,when the game releases it probably can't look this incrdible,i mean come on...X360 is just starting " but boy was i wrong, it's breathtaking when seeing all those buildings.

In one mission i fired of a rocket aiming at a building in the FAR FAR distance, i watched as i still saw it hit the building, and i'm talking VERY VERY far distance that building was,

man, that simply is sick.

The sound is just as awesome, the footsteps when running, the guns,the environmental sounds,voices aren't annoying at all,actually quite well. If you got either a surround set

or just like me, 5 speakers, a receiver and subwoofer(not a surround set) you'll be in heaven, audio-wise. I simply loooove to throw a grenade between two cars , that explosion is ridiculous or a tanker...it's sick ######!!!! i am sure i can and want to tell much more

but i simply forgot it, but why am i even saying all this...most of you in here got the game, right?

Multiplayer is awesome too, and although not as groundbreaking as SP mode (graphically)

it still looks very very neat, i'm just kinda dissapointed with only 4 coop campaign missions, and they ain't even that big at all, but still damn nice. Just two questions...

1-I'm playing the SP campaign on the normal difficulty, and although it's kind of a challenge, the two missions that i've finished now..well, i went fairly quickly trough them... i guess

i wanted more enemy soldiers around in the missions, will the game get much more challenging? (cause on a certain forum i read that some missions are frustratingly hard) i like a challenge :)

2- MP mode...when you edit your character, you can select several kinds of maskes and hats, will we get more on Marketplace in some time, or can i achieve them myself?

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Very nice! Just about what we have all expected. I love to hear such positive praise for my favorite game! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL AFTER WORK TODAY!

I have already scheduled a full night of activities for my wife out of the house for tonight (yes, which included giving her the credit card). IT'S CHRISTMAS x10!

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Very nice!  Just about what we have all expected.  I love to hear such positive praise for my favorite game!  I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL AFTER WORK TODAY!

I have already scheduled a full night of activities for my wife out of the house for tonight (yes, which included giving her the credit card).  IT'S CHRISTMAS x10!

Everyone that gets the game today should be very, very happy. I have to wait 'till tomorrow :(

But all in all, the wait isn't really killing me... what's one more day? :yes:

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