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I cant watch it school blocks. Just posted . Go watch it and tell me what it shows. :lol:

lol...what's the link for the UK site? :wacko:


Click on the dude at the top it will take you to the site with the videos and pics.

or read this and follow the link http://360monster.com/newspost.php?id=0000000483

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Nice. :thumbsup:

I like how the team is directed to move to the corner of the building, and none of the guys are facing the wall. The AI seem to "understand" their surrounding area.

This used to annoy me in [GR]/GRIT/GR2/SS. Jeez, was there that much interesting graffiti on every map that I just happened to miss?

AI and Squad controls will make or break this game for me. At this point it is looking really good.

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I might have my issues as far as console game style goes but . . . . . that is one cracking trailer. It ought to shift some Xbox 360's.

Good job the editor of that.

er, . . . only what total sucky resolution for a product that is in many ways about looks. Get a super duper hi res version out sharpish.

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