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Looks like the demo might be a little late guys.


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Not that it's even a big deal...I mean we only have a few more days now but it looks like the earliest the demo could hit is the 7th. This is a quote from Ghostone1 on the IGN boards...he is a UBI VIP and that's why his name is in RED.

"Best case it will be up the 7th, but it might come out after release."

Anyway, it's not a big deal but I just thought I would post it so that everyone could stop looking for a taste of GRAW a few days early.

At this point I don't think I would even download it if it did come out. :)

EDIT...sorry if it's been posted but I didn't see it anywhere. :D

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To curb the rather large amount of demo talk, I thought I should point something out.

This game has ridiculous buzz and word of mouth. It already has all the marketing it needs to get fans and similarly interested 360 users to buy it. Non-360 owning GR fans are planning on getting the console just to play the game (that is, if they are not getting the PC version or are dissatisfied with the Xbox port)

There is no need for a demo right now.

Sure we'd like to play the game ahead of time, but that's not the purpose of a demo. It's to sell you the game when you would not have considered it or otherwise not cared (Fight Night R3, anyone?). Unlike the PC space, an Xbox demo has no intention of giving you a glimpse of a game that's still months out (that's what preview videos and trailers are for).

An ideal time to release a demo would be weeks from now when sales of GRAW have dropped. This is what Activision did with the Call of Duty 2 demo (releasing the best selling 360 title yet in demo form 3 months after release). Do you expect Microsoft will allow Bungie to release a Halo 3 demo ahead of release date when the rabid fans (myself included) will get it no matter what?

And lastly, a look at costs. Microsoft can take 50% from the purchase of Live Arcade titles because they host (/serve) the games, advertise it (in 2 of the 5 spaces reserved for game ads on the dashboard), and manage live updates of the leaderboards (Try playing Marble Blast Ultra - it's amazing how much the servers are taxed with folks continually updating their time in a global leaderboard in realtime on 60 levels), ranking servers and matchmaking models. Since not so much can be had for retail titles, publishers have to pay them a nominal fee for every demo that is downloaded (hence an incentive to advertise the game within the dashboard - to get the small fee for the demo download, and the few dollars from an actual purchase of the game). Do you see any ads for games without any marketplace content (DOA 4, for example) on the dashboard?

Therefore, if your game already has all the publicity it can get, there's no immediate need for a demo to drive further sales. You'll need such a device when new gamers get the console, have not heard of your game, or are not so sure it's what they want to spend their money on.

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