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Got a New Toy? Post it!

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Got this Benelli M2 for Christmas. I just attached an accessory rail to it. I'm probably going to trim it down so that when I put an EoTech on it won't be visible at all. I have a Trijicon Reflex, but after using that and a 4X and 5X

ACOG for years, I'm ready to move on.

I'm tired of Trijicon at this point. You gotta pay more, but there is better stuff out there.


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I don't have any pictures of my guns.

But here is the company's picture of my newest toy. A Smith & Wesson Model 41.


The one I have is older than I am but it's in near mint condition. My dad was going to sell it and a Dan Wesson Pistol Pack, but my mom and I talked him out of selling either one. He gave me the S&W and my mom got the Dan Wesson.

My second newest toy, which I bought in January, is a CZ 75 B SA (the gun in my signature).

Here is the full picture.


I still haven't gotten around to doing anything about the CZ's trigger. CZ's are great guns. The SA (single action only) is a really nice version. But if any of you ever get one, be prepared to get a trigger job. The single action trigger pull is better on the basic model CZ 75.

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After owning my Witness, I'm tempted to buy a CZ for the heck of it. The SA on mine is perfect. DA horrible though. It stacks a lot and is way too heavy. Good job on keeping the DW and S&W 41. Thos are great guns and hard to come by these days, at a good price anyway.

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Hey Zaxis, what kind of scope is that? Have you done any hunting with it?

It's a ZOS 4-16x50. ZOS changed their name to rexoptics later I believe. (my scope is second-hand) Haven't actually tried it yet due to some very cold weather, but I've got my hopes up for tomorow. I don't hunt much at all, mainly long-range target shooting. The whole system weighs too much for hunting anyway.

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Bought a Mossberg 500 2-3 weeks ago, around Valentines day.

Was going to get a 590, but the guy didn't sell them any more, so I went over to Big 5 and bought the 500.

Same model seen here;


Will post the decent picture, once the batteries on this camera recharge.

Got quite a laugh when I went to buy it.

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Well, my latest purchase is a laminated 1945 Russian M44. I wanted to close out my Mosin collection with a nice laminated refurb, so I replaced the M44 in my collection with this one.


Oh, and I've added ever more stuff to my ongoing SKS bubba project.


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M14? :huh:

Anyway, that ain't no bubba gun.  That's by far one of the nicest SKS projects I've seen.  I like the curved bolt handle as well.  What's it look like from the side?



YES, I have cleaned off the fingerprint ;)

Here is my other bubba:


i see it now. i was a little tired, and the angle of the pic didnt help me that much...

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Nice toys everyone. Looks like a lot of you guys are having some serious fun out there.


I can't say where, but someone I know at a range let me and a friend of mine in (he has a Benelli M1 Super 90) after hours to shoot some #2 Remington Nitromag Steelshot. It was still only cardboard, but it sure beat shooting slugs.

We literally cut large pieces of cardboard in half with just a few shots. The range was littered like the Yankees just won another World Series. I still have to get out and shoot some computer CPUs and stuff, but the weather is starting to warm up a bit, so that can't be too far away.

I would have brought a camera, but my friend and I were really not expecting to be able to shoot the buckshot. We just showed up a bit late, and the guys we know there just told us to hang around a bit, and when they closed they let us loose with the buckshot. Of course we had to let them get a few in, but I let everyone I know shoot my guns anyway, so it was a blast.

I will post some pics later when I get to tear up some CPUs.

Let us know how the M38 shoots. Post some pics. :thumbsup:

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After owning my Witness, I'm tempted to buy a CZ for the heck of it.
On a CZ forum I go to the general consensus is that CZs and their clones are addictive.

The SA on mine is perfect.
That's been my experience with DA CZs. I've shot a .40 S&W CZ 75 B, a CZ 97 B (all CZ 97s are .45 ACP) and my mom's 9mm Baby Eagle (one of the old ones, a steel one with the safety on the frame, where it belongs instead of the slide). All have good SA trigger pulls.

The Baby Eagle has a nice DA trigger pull. I don't know what the DA trigger pull is like on CZs. When I tried out the CZ 75 and the CZ 97 (I was debating between .40 S&W and .45 ACP, I ended up going with .40 because the grip on the CZ 97 is larger and as a result isn't as comfortable.) I didn't try the double action trigger pull on either. I didn't care what it was like since I like clocked and locked. So when I found a good price on the CZ 75 SA, I took it. I figured why not? I don't need the double action.

Now I have a really nice gun with a crappy trigger. So the money I saved over the basic model has or will go into the trigger. But at least my gun is mostly costing time, not much extra money. (I got mine for $405 after tax, which is less than MSRP. The MSRP on a .40 S&W CZ 75 is $539 plus tax. The new trigger is $50. The new harder sear I will need in order to do a decent trigger job is $45 plus shipping. Oh boy, I saved $34 off the MSRP. I can do better than that just by haggling. :wall: But at least I didn't spend too much extra. And I like the gun, so I can't really complain too much.)

I'd recommend getting one of the DA CZ 75s. Unless of course you only want to use it in single action and you can find a CZ 75 SA with a good single action trigger. Now that I own an SA with a crappy trigger and have to spend what I saved on it to get a good trigger, I'd only buy an SA that came with a good trigger from the factory.

What caliber are you thinking of getting?

Good job on keeping the DW and S&W 41.
I couldn't believe he wanted to sell them. He's working on this custom Mauser 98k and he wanted to raise money for it. I don't get what his deal with that Mauser is. It's a usable gun, but that's all. It's certainly not, and never will be, worth the time and money he is putting into it.

Thos are great guns and hard to come by these days, at a good price anyway.
I agree. I love them both. The Dan Wesson is my favorite revolver. And the Model 41 is the most accurate handgun I've ever fired. Edited by Ryan243
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I'd be looking at a nine, for no other reason than cheap ammo and I don't have one yet. DA is a non-issue for me, it's SA or the highway. :) I guess I'm old fashioned in some respects, especially when it comes to a light, crisp trigger.

Unfortunately, something else is eating up a large chunk of my funds atm... Who am I kidding: All of my funds. I guess I'll post some more info in General Discussion on that when the dealing is done. :P

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Oooh, I was so tempted to start this thread, haha, nice one jchung.

Okay, I have a few new toys...

Sistema 1911, S&W 41Mag (Model 58 / 56 - have a hard time reading the numbers), Remington 870 Wingmaster, and now a Ruger 10/22 (it was all black until I took some Krylon Fusion to it, hehe). I do have a blackpowder revolver, but I don't know anything about it and don't ever use it... the 22 on the other hand... hehe, had it for about 4 days now and have easily gone through 200 rounds.

So here are some pics (twice, for different lighting)...








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Started in October... I didn't realize until just now that my shottie is an 870... It's my mom's (technically, even though I shoot the hell out of it), so I never payed much attention to it. I just know that it likes those 12ga shells. :)

I'm working on my collection slowly but surely. I'm debating between a Remington 700 or a Ruin-Built AR-15, haha... I'll keep you posted, no worries.

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@RooK: I'm with you on the triggers. I don't care about the DA trigger on a semi auto and I like light crisp SA triggers. In my experience, the DA CZs have better single action trigger pulls than the SA only CZs. So in order to get a good SA trigger from the factory, you need to buy a DA. :huh: It's all about liability, though. Some damn lawyer made them screw up the triggers on the single actions. :wall:

Personally if I were going for a 9mm, I'd go with the 85 Combat. (If they made one in .40 S&W I'd have it.) It's a double action, so it should have a good SA trigger. Personally I couldn't care less that it's ambidextrous although CZ acts like it's a major selling point (I know to some people it is, but I know how to handle a gun one handed with either hand, so I don't need to have contols on both sides).

The reason I like it is the fact that the firing pin isn't held in by a pin. It's much easier to clean the firing pin on a CZ or CZ clone when you can easily remove it. It sucks to try to get some kind of solvent down in there or to drive out the stupid roll pin. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the diagram in the CZ 85 manual. Compare the 85B to the Combat. All B model CZs have the firing pin held in the same way.) I like to be able to easily get to the parts of my guns.

Of course it lists for $90 more than a basic CZ 75 B. So if something is eating up funds, this could be a problem.

@Ruin: Your blackpowder revolver is a modern reproduction of a Remington 1858 Army. (I can't see if the barrel is octagonal. If it is, and the barrel is 8 inches long, it's a New Model Army). It is probably marked .44 cal somewhere. If so, it's probably actually a .45 (this is common with plackpowder "44s"). If it's marked .36 cal, it should fire .375 bullets (this is also common).

With the 44s, there is a lot of variation. Some fire .451 caliber bullets, some are .454 and others are .457. So check first.

If you have calipers, it's simple to check. If not, find someone with calipers. :P

As for powder charge I'd just go with the minimum on whatever black powder or modern black powder replacement you get (if the package doesn't have the data, the company website will) and work up.

Edit: I like this thread. I get to talk about CZs and teach about black powder revolvers. And of course, see people's new toys.

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Camera is finally working again.


When I went to buy it, my mother wanted to tag along, since she has never seen how guns are transferred, the paperwork, etc.

Any ways, as I'm filling out the papers, my mom is reading over my shoulder and asking all sorts of questions.

After handing over the paper, the employee asked if I was a felon, to which I quickly replied to her, in my best gravely voice, "Why, got a problem with us felons?".


Apparently I answered yes on the forms that I was convicted of a felony before. Must have happened when I was distracted answering the questions on the paper and the ones from my mom. :P

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