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how realistic do u want ghost recon 2 to be?


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Grenades for all. I mean everybody has binocs. How hard can it be to give everybody 2 'nades?

Think its for evening out gameplay, I mean a rifleman with an OICW and 12 20mm's and frags would outclass the other guys so fast. :unsure:

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First, I would like to be able to choose the weapons my A.I. teammates take in multiplayer. Second, I feel the best improvement would be more interaction with forces around the world. Foremost, however, I'd like to see air support. Imagine, you're pinned down, low on ammo, minutes away from being annihilated, when an Apache (or, this is the future, so possibly even a Commanche) swoops down and wipes out a line of men. Also, remember in one of SOAF's missions, if you alerted the enemies of your presence, the local police would show up. How about if the enemy feels threatened enough, they may call in for reinforcements, however the reinforcements should definitely take some time arriving. Even after you take over a place, you may have to hold it. Have a BlackHawk, HUI, or Chinook come in with reinforcements to help you hold it.

About Apaches or artillery giving you support, you no longer need to be swift, silent and invisible. Wouldn't the enemies already know someone's there when suddenly they loose communication with an outpost?

I guess what I'd really love to see more than almost anything else would be a realistic portrayl of artillery or air support. No, not a realistic level of gore, but to be able to see a building demolished and collapse as artillery hits it. Or to see a helicopter, possibly a KA-52 Hokum or something, get shot down and crash into a building, knocking the building over, or knocking trees over.

Two more features I'd like to see would be the ability to lean against a wall, as seen in Splinter Cell, and areas of dense vegetation. Not just a bush or two, or even a dozen, but so many that you feel like you are truly lost in the wilderness. As much vegetation as we see in the GRIT intro, or in the XBOX intro.

The thing is, as our soldiers fight across the world, they work in close proximity with tanks and helicopters. Transported by Chinooks, Inserted by BlackHawks, escorted by LittleBirds, Supported by Apaches, all the while with support from artillery. Special Forces, on the other hand, work less with other people, and even more with technology. Let's watch America's brilliant technology shine through Ubi's brilliant GR franchise!

Also, we need to be able to climb over small items, i.e. boxes, rocks, logs and stuff. Bring back the old clamber we had in the original Rainbow Six games!


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One last thing would be to add controlable vehicles. I mean like to find a jeep with nobody in it or a truck and be able to go to town...maybe even have a 50 cal. on the jeep...maybe i'm thinkin of the Warthog from Xbox's Halo but the idea of stealing an ememy jeep or a tank that is parked out side a depot would be awesome...

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I would like 2 things:

1. When I shoot a guy in the head I would like him to die prior to my putting the sixth consecutive bullet in his head.

2. I would also like to not be killed by an ethiopian with an ak-47 from the hip at 1000 yards away with the first shot. Very few people could kill you from the hip at 1000 yards, let alone and ethopian rebel.

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zjj, great article!!! as i told you im not exactly looking forward to gr2 to the extent that i dont think my computer will be able to run it. either way i look forward to updates.

(you should bust out your feminine wyles and butter up that resume dude and see what kind of 'inside' info you can squeeze out of him! ;) )

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my wish is kinda like that

1. getting down from chopper with rope.

2. shooting machine gun from chopper.

3. being a heli pilot.

4. support from gun ship.

5. navigating tank.

6. moving more smoothly like Rainbow Six 3.

well those are all i want.

i'm looking forward to see GR2 soon.

out :o=

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Most wanted:

1. Remove the mole hills that stop you from moving without adding a jump, maybe a climb as seen in r6??

2. A linux server

3. Tune down the zoom on a lot of the weapons.

4. An anti cheating system similar to VAC in half life.

5. More chance of wounding people when shot in the leg rather than a straight kill, more interaction with friendly forces. ie the UN troops in village and railroad.

6. Better MP admin support,it improved through patches but still isnt as thorough as it perhaps should be. The abillity to kick people during a game would be nice. Also an ID that can be banned rather than IP as seen in Half life

Finally keep the EXISTING GR ENGINE. Above everything else please do not use the UT engine for GR2.... :wall:

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1.I would like realistic AI or as mentioned by many, the enemy shouldnt be able to kill like olympic firing team shooters.I have been killed many times by a Russian with a pistol from 60 meters, I kid you not I watched the replay several times.

2.When behind enemy lines in real life if you are using the same type of weapon as the enemy they tend to not notice since they hear (AK47's) firing all the time.

3.Once again I mention this one since its the one thing that kills me the most.

I wish that when you kill a enemy from behind with a headshot-he doesnt scream a entire sentence and alerting his buddies.*I would be in the middle of a "hotzone" and shoot a Georgian in the head with the M9SD and everyone seemed to hear it*

4.How about Demo charges that can be timed? If not remove them from Multiplayer and only have them in there for MP Missions.

5.Arty support sounds good. I got a idea how to use it-

a.)go to map

b.)pick little box that says air support or Artillery

c.)pinpoint on map where the fire should go

d.)exit map and seek COVER

maybe instead of the way I mentioned, you can have a radio or something or a limited number of times to use it. To prevent people from using it to win beat levels make stipulations for missions ie; do blah blah and retreive documents, or rescue/secure blah blah or make up a briefing saying that we dont want to alert the media so air support is not allowed.(Be creative ;) )

6.Maybe weapons can be picked up or ammo/magazines if they correspond to your weapon (AK47 users dream-almost unlimited ammo since its used by every country almost)

7.Instead of medics, how about morphine or a field kit? Bandage up a wound or something.

8.Some people want the ability to drag a body, I have never noticed the enemy being alerted to dead bodies all around them.

9.How about being able to tell your man/men to hold for a given time so you can do a little recon?

Those are just a few ideas I had, some are good others arent.

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:P  I'd love a mission where you would have to clear vantage points and then hold laser identifiers on a target for air support.  Can you imagine holding the laser on a building and then a J-Dam drops from the sky and destroys it??!!  That would be a very realistic special forces mission...

this is what I have been looking for! Force Recon during gulfwar did it.


- Spec Ops can gear themselves...not pre-assigned accdg to mission.

- add ur face----drrrooolllsss

- realism...run/duck/climb/job/share ammo/call in airstrikes n artillery/rapel and delay a rapel just in case for sniping or recon

- realistic/destroyable terrain ala RedFaction???Mod somthing technology...

- patches for different units assignable

- hit counts

- real physics on kills...not overly dramatic

- vehicles both land/air/sea (i.e. that Dune Buggy and ATV )

- option to see weapon in use (there goes my CPU :wall: )

- all who had made mods for GR take over UBISOFT!!!!!! :o=:o=:o=

- HALO IN :o=:o=:o=

- in multiplay (or single play too) running affects your sighting ability

- OIL RIGS!!!!!

- More realtime enemies (check CNN who's the USA chasing now)

- mp3 files for vehicle rides ONLY like the movie Predator/Apocalypse Now/BHD

- replays we can share and critique

- Shadows (like Spinter cell) can actually hide us from AI

....gasp! catching my breath :)

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- More realtime enemies (check CNN who's the USA chasing now)

Sadly this couldnt happen :( . Dont you remember? BlackThorn was delayed cuz they had things in the game that was sensative to real live events. I guess they think that people would not buy the game if it had anything to do with REAL life.

I myself would love to go in and take out :o= Osama and :o= Sadam with much :devil: prejudice. But thats just a fantasy I have. :D

-Spectre Out-

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Arty support sounds good. I got a idea how to use it-

a.)go to map

b.)pick little box that says air support or Artillery

c.)pinpoint on map where the fire should go

d.)exit map and seek COVER

Actually, from what I hear, you use some sort of binoculars that give a code that determines where the strike is to take place. Unfortunately, it gets quite confusing because in artillery strikes you give your position, and in air strikes you give the enemy's position, and that is how most friendly fire occurs. However in a game, that would be part of the challenge... remembering how to do what instead of just clicking a button.

Either way, as long as air support, artillery support, and possibly naval support are included, I'll be happy! :D

(This could be a fair compromise as opposed to actually taking control of the vehicles, as in Battlefield 1942.)

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1. Drop insertions where we get to see the Ghosts parachute to their missions.

2. More jungle missions, not just tress and shrubs, but DENSE jungle missions ( more like Tropical rain forests ) like the one in Predator1, minus the alien dude & Tears of the Sun terrain.

3. Make the binocular a default equiptment for everyone like the NVG.


5. Thick snow terrain and snow camo, like the ICE SOLDIERS in the GOARMY.com website wallpapers.

6. and If its possible to choose the headgear depending on the mission or whatever the gamer wants to use; boonie hat, pasgt helmet, beret, balaclava, bandana or combinations like balaclava and pasgt helmet.

7. LASH communication system on regular or specialists, for more realistic communications gear.


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I have 2 problems with GR, 1 being the memory sucking. I currently have a 64M DDR Video Card and 256M ram and I do OK. Most systems from discount retailers out of the box have problems running this game as it is, much less the vast improvements that would be incorperated into GR2. This is a minor issue as cards and memory is fairly cheap and simple to install. The second is the one thing that really tarnishes my brass. The fact that with a 50 cal sniper rifle scoped out I miss twice, only to get return fire and wounded or killed by an AK47 or similar. How'd he do that? Oh well it's still the best game out and always playable with the ever present modding community, my hats off to all of you!

My 2 cents worth.

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:wub: as i LOVE gr there's only 1 thing that is bothering me

the sound guys, the sound :wall::wall::wall:

it keeps lagging EVERYBODYS pc, especially when u get in very rainy maps.

U remember that oil factory map.......everybody got lag due to the sound

When u get close to the house on the IT map when u r standing in the rain

dripping from the roof.........everybody got lag :wall:

try to fix this UBI its pretty annoying if u r running 512mb, ath2000+ xp

geforce3 and still got lag!!!!!!!!!! what kinda system r u programming for??

an athlon20000+ 5120mb and geforce32 ??????

itll improve game performance , a lot of troubles and soundquality !!


oh yeah and an ANTI-CHEAT, i just HATE those 100's cheaters out there,

learn to game or stay the ###### away from GR and grab your dolls :D

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How about letting the players choose their own kits on load outs. The option to take grenades,sensors,AT,etc.. It would be nice. Grenades should be standard with every kit. The GHOSTS wear web gear already. And how about some smoke grenades to pop. Would be a nice touch. But I understand that its hard to improve an already great game. I only hope that they dont do anything to take the modders out of the mix. Red Storm would be wise to check with alot of the modders on this website to get their input on the next masterpiece.

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Think its for evening out gameplay, I mean a rifleman with an OICW and 12 20mm's and frags would outclass the other guys so fast. :unsure:

True. But it could be fun :devil:

I feel that you should only be allowed air support in some missions. Like the railroad mission would in all likelyhood have some.

Other than that... Bring it ON!!

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Please add a feature that the game remembers your last weapon selection if you go through the soldier selection. Small issue but I find it very annoying always to reselect your weapon if you change soldier.

If you make weapons visible: if you are looking through a scope please don't fade out the background.

While I was in the army we learned to shoot always with both eyes open! One looking through the scope while the other eye observes the surroundings. After few weeks of hard training you can perfectly concentrate on both. So if you zoom in make the surroundings a bit blurry but don't fade it out. - Rekr. Mautner Markhof 1.Grp/1.Zg/1.Kp/ PzGrenB35 serving from 3.9.2001 - 29.4.2002

You can read about my Army experiences + tons of pictures @ http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~damnr6/tet/ful...044626699,41936, (the URL javascript doesn't allow that an URL ends with a "," so you have to copy and paste)!

Have a nice day,


*Update*: Please add a free floating camera if you are dead(as option so you can turn it of for clanbattles) or at least to replays. Also I would wish that everyone can record mp games not only the server.

Edited by Mauti
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Kane here

Here are my thoughts

-the ability for characters to jump isn't a bad idea, especially in rough or urban terrain.

-bigger maps in which vehicles would be essential to movement. We're supposed to have long range sniper rifles - I want to use them at 1000 yds or more.

-vehicles are crucial to Special ops, as proven in the last Gulf War, and should be a part of the game, like they are in OFP. I think a special HMMWV with 3 positions and 2 weapons ought to be developed. One man can drive, and the other two operate the weapons (ie. a .50 cal or 40mm AGL). Perhaps an anti-tank weapon like a TOW or MILAN could be included. Of course this would work best in multi-player. Helicopters and boats are too complicated, so keep them restricted to full motion video, like in IT.

-enemy vehicles like the technical trucks used in DS ought to be modified to allow them to be destroyed by gunfire, grenades or rockets. Right now the only way to stop them is to kill the crew, which is not easy at long range. They did this, most likely, to level the playing field. But who wants to fight fair. They have the numbers and usually the firepower.

-artillery or airpower would be useful. I recall the games "Gunship 2000" and "M1 Tank Platoon" (now 13 years old!!!) which allowed players to call on air and artillery assets within the game. All one had to do was put the crosshairs on the target to order the bombardment. In GS2000, only one air attack and three artillery attacks could be ordered, with significant delays between them. M1TP varied its support weapons between SP mortars, arty, Apaches or Kiowas, or A-10s. It could be useful for attacking distant targets or distracting the enemy.

-The kits must be adjustable. Rogue Spear was great because 4 positions were available for kit. In GR2, an additional position should be allowed. The latest GR patch had the priceless improvement by making the binoculars standard to each man. I've wanted to have sensors or claymores available with sniper rifles or support weapons. The existing kits are adequate, though more than 2 claymores or sensors should be allowed.

-The variety of weapons could be broadened. I would love to have the M14 or the M21 sniper rifle around. An M4 SOPMOD with M203 would be nice too.

-The camoflage should be adjustable too.

-Someone mentioned allowing MP3s instead of WAVs. This is a great idea. It was done on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3. I can see it now, having a firefight set to the music of the 1812 overture!

-Opponents could be selected by a "torn from the headlines" fashion similar to the TV show "Law and Order". Rather than rip it off and use the War on Terrorism or War in Iraq (like Delta Force rather poorly did in "Task Force Dagger" and "Black Hawk Down"), the Ghosts' opponents could be inspired by them - i.e. a mission to a central asian country to hunt down a terrorist mastermind who attacked Western targets. It is similar to the real events, but certain facts have been changed. Of course there are always mods...

GR is such a good game as it is, with great combat gameplay and superb multiplayer. It will be fun to see what Ubisoft has in store for us.

Kane out

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-the ability for characters to jump isn't a bad idea, especially in rough or urban terrain.

it would spoil mp because you would be able to jump out of the way of fire ;)

It would be good though to use the R6 system of climbing over stuff. :)

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I saw people running, jumping and shooting in MOHAA MP and CS, it's disgusting...and they can jump off a 3-story buidling and continue to run, jump and shoot...whatever you do, please don't bring jump into GR2 :wall:

Climbing is a good feature in R6/RS, while you can get access to crates/towers and having the risk of being shot from the back, and having this ability intergrated with 'use item'/open door options is a nice touch. Actually I did wonder why it isn't included in GR, so hope climbing is included in GR2 :rocky:

And yes to more pouches for the soldiers...Rangers have 50lbs+ of equippment with them while they're armed to the teeth, but Ghosts have only 1 primary and 1 secondary, with standard bino, NV and map. Then why do they need all the webbing and pouches? Not that the present configuration is not enough, SA80+frag is already leathal, but 1/2 extra pouch is always nice...even if I pack them with M&M :hehe: It could either be making 2 nades and/or a pistol as standard, or could trace back to R6 where you could choose from a drop down menu. The host can still restrict kits. It's more flexible than having to pick kit 186 from rifleman anyways~

Patches on the arm is also a nice touch to identify team/clan members from others, and it adds to the 'sense of belonging' to your character other than 'a rifleman'...at least I have a cooler patch than you do:lol:

All these are already in R6/RS so I'm quite sure about their feasibility. And I'm sure GR2 will make us speechless, just when we lay our hands on GR nearly 2 years ago.

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I had some more ideas, some are good others are......well you read and see.

1)How about a weapon testing range?

a)Firing range with more then several knock down targets. How about a rifle range? Fire at the targets across a huge field like the Marines do.

(that is if the distance one can see is greatend)

Im thinking of a weapons qualification course, you would have to hit X amount of targets ouf of X amount of times+bullets to recieve certain weapons for Single Player.

2)Training courses;

Sniper course;In the original GR I doubt shooting several targets 25-30 meters away qualifies anyone to be a Green Beret Sniper.Im thinking of maybe a long map/course where said sniper would have to avoid "enemies" and kill his target at the end of the course(that is if the AI is improved,they can be picky sometimes and kill you in one shot at great distances with one shot while you are in a bush) this idea of course is heavily influenced by the real sniper training.*BTW, this could be a MP map. ;)

Demoman could be a CQB/CQC course where they have to get in, plant demo and get out-or Demo man can be a explosive handling type course.It would force players to figure out where to put claymores or rig explosives (if any type of new weapon is expected ;) ) and M136 AT practice course.

Rifleman can be a standard firing course,then a long range course where players would have to search and rescue a person or ambush a convoy

Support or 'SAW Gunner' could be a firing range on hitting multiple targets, provide suitable cover fire for a group of soldiers maybe secure a area from 'enemies' until additional help arrives maybe a ambush like the rifleman course.

3)How about if a player passes the qualifying course *read #1 above* they get to use the weapons in the real game (campaign) I know the "good" stuff is for the Ghost's players recieve for working to get extra objectives completed. Its just a idea

4)A some what expanded variety of weapons? I know a few days after the highly anticipated GR2 is released,modders will be working on weapons and skins. Add a mixed variety to show off how much its been improved.Oh about the weapons,its a small matter but for the life of me I cant believe the Colt 1911/M1911 got left out of GR and the 2 expansions! It is used by many Special Forces in the US and around the world, I dont believe in the future the M1911 would only belong to 4 Russians and not any Special Forces members (AK47 is everywhere)

5)Multiplayer, maybe there could be a IP tracker for servers? Im not talking about getting everyones personal info, just maybe there could be something that records IP's and the names the person used? This would help eliminate tkers and no goodnicks who ruin the games for everyone.

All the Host would have to do is read the info and write the IP of the offender in a box and click ban.(kinda like the thing that keeps game stats after you leave a game and open up the GR folder) tkers are known to leave,change name and return. :angry:

6)Kits; R6/RS had one of the best kit selections ever IMO.I go to Primary grab a MP5,swing by the Secondary to get a Mk23-SD, then get my extra ammo and frags. :lol: ....o boy I can imagine GR using this now,



Accessory1-M203+5 40mm grenades

Accessory2-Hand Grenades or extra 40mm grenades.

It would be a very duanting task to satisfy everyones wants and needs (this topic is +115 strong each with several ideas)

GR is a Great Game, reguardless if alot of these ideas are left out, its still going to be good.But there are things that need to be updated.

All I know is whenever I see GR2 in a magazine or on the net, Im going to call and reserve it ASAP. :D

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Have interesting idea about equpment. Why have permanent kits? Isnt better to make a number of aviable "pockets" on combat vest,were you can put equpment. (ex: I on pocket you can put 2 primery mags or 2 frags (maybe one),in another can put 1 demo.....) Then make a pistol not as a kit(its stupid-all SF operatives have handguns)but as a standart issue. :o= Also make frags standart issue too (4 frags) because its stupid too,when rifleman can carry only 5 m203 grens` In fact if you packing well,you can take somewhere nearly 12 40mm,8+frags,and plenty of ammo. Do not make OFP mistake-3 grens for m 203 :wall:

I think,if making game as real as possible (what I hope GR2 will be) so it will be best to ask former and active SF spesialistsmwhat and how tdo do about equpment. Plus also not forget climbing.Also,why not make features like when soldier close enought to rocket explosion but not in lethal range,he will be thrown away (even without injures by explosion wave (or wawe-which right?)

And of courese,as I already mentioned few times-BETTER FRIENDLY AI :stupid::wall:

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