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as you should know from the thread Here Czech Games Magazine Cgm.cz did an interview with Jiøí Rýdl, marketing director of IDEA games on Armed Assualt and there were some "Game 2" Q and A

There's much time until Game2 release, where are you now in development?

In the discussion with eventual publishers.

Game 2 is very ambicious. Can you tell us how and in what time period will the campaign be? Will there be a strong story, too?

The campaign will be in near future on places all around the world.

Will the game single missions? Or will you just give the player living enviroment and he will decide what to do?

The game will be like RPG in this aspect, you won't have missions, but you will fullfill tasks in what order you will like. Your decisions will influence the whole game.

Will you use modified ArmA engine or a completely new one? What differences between ArmA and Game 2 can we expect, for example in physics?

Engine is in development with every new game, influenced by players and soldiers. It depends on each project - design, platform, publisher - what abilities will the engine have. In physics the Game 2 is completely different from ArmA.

How will you deal with multiplayer? Will you have any new mods?

We will of course have huge online battles of many groups with different tasks.

What will be the Game 2 maps like? Will there be huge cities and for example trains?

Even nowadays the engine can make big cities, but they are mostly for military training. The question is if the player will be trapped there or if it will be an interesting fight. Here we need game designer to make perfectly playable game. Unfortunately, the reality is more grey.

Will there be rain, fog and others?

The Engine supports weather changes, the question remains - will we have computers good enough?

Will be the Game 2 localized into Czech?

Again, it depends on publisher, but of course we want it.

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