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New SP vid..

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Is it me or does the aiming give you quite a bit of help. I noticed that there's no centre point to the reticule which tells me that if the target is in the circle press trigger and you have a good chance of a hit. Apart from that it looks absolutley stunning. I can't wait to see this game on my HDTV and with my THX sound system turned up a notch..... :devil:

Also the tracer effect from incoming fire seems to aid you in the direction of OPFOR. I noticed too that you as the player don't have to identify the target. The target is pin-pointed if your facing in that particular direction.

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I bet when people release things like this, the people who are creating the game get very angry and begin to not trust people like them anymore. I sure would get angry if I sent a demo or full version to people to play it and try it out to write a review on it to end up recording video and posting it out on the net, by which gives out little things they wanted a person to see themselves after purchasing the product.

But maybe they don't care and want to see what the people say! I dunno :).

Anyways, I would download it, but I wanna see how good it is once I get it.

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