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YOTM Released!


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i take credit for getting the guys back here by reactivating this thread. :)

and on a side note if others who see this havent tried Golden Triangle - this was a modern day Tournament Mod which I felt I had to make to showcase how good YOTM was.

and i just downloaded that ARVN add-on - looking forward to it.

and great to see that you can lay to rest some of the negatives that may have come out of YOTM mod for you guys - you just let us enjoy all the positives.

thanks guys from all of us who have played and all of us who were inspired to mod bcoz of mods like this.


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Hey Rebar, thanks for all of your work too, I didn't mean to say that Oso made all of the missions, he was just the one who had to put up with my b.s. for awhile.

Hey Blake, nice to hear that things are still working out with your career. I know you've put a lot of hard work into it, it's a lot more than what I had put into my short military career, that's for sure. I've got no real bad feelings for anyone. (A certain person abusing his moderator privilages and hijacking someones intellectual property is another story). I think that some of the friendships fell apart more because the game fell apart than because of the mod. GR was on the downslope already.

I really am meaning to fire this mod back up again soon. I remember having a lot of fun playing it. I think in making it I wanted to recreate the excitment I had playing Frostbite for the first time and even some of the WOI stuff. It was awesome making something this big. I do wonder, looking back, how the hell we even finished it.

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Wow! I came upon this thread because I recieved notification of a PM and I couldnt remember my screenname to log in so I had to search for it. Im about to commission as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps and havn't followed the scene for some time.

Best of luck Lieutenant! A word of advice from a lowly grunt... When you arrive at your first command, listen to your Platoon Sergeant and your men. In time they'll respect you as a leader.

I have to say that its flattering that people are still playing this mod, and equally impressive that people still have an interest in GR. Its also nice to see a little bit of a reunion among the team involved. Sleeper, OSO, DM, Rebar and XY69YZX(?) all brought unique talents to YOTM and if it wasnt for them, it would have probably ended up just an unfinished assortment of my crappy models and skins.

Don't sell yourself short. It was your vision from the beginning. I came onboard after the fact and left before it was completed.

As much fun as this mod was to make at times, sometimes I felt like it was a bit of a "Heart of Darkness". With the exception of Rebar, Im not sure if any of the team took on any significant mod projects afterwards and I definately feel like some friendships within the the team werent the same afterwards. I know I certainly wish I kept in better contact with some of the guys over the years.

Chef was right--Never get off the boat unless you're going all the way!

Edit: I was just taking a trip through memory lane on some of the YOTM threads and it reminded me a lot about some of the inner conflict we as a team had towards the end of this project. So to everyone on the team (especially Sleeper) I want to apologize. I was younger and a little less mature and you guys were my first real experience as a leader. The team definately didnt need the micro management, delays, or arguments that I was probably responsible for.

It's not all your fault dude. The rest of us need to take ownership of the blame as well. Perhaps we were all being a little selfish by not understanding that you had other commitments for your future which was way more important than a mod for a game.

That damn helicopter in the first cinematic that suddenly decided to stop working on my rig is what made me snap. It's not sleeper's fault either. It's ironic that I come here and read it since the two of us are in contact almost daily and he's never said a word about it before... I'm sorry I wasn't level-headed enough to help you guys see the project to completion. Thanks for having me on board for the time I was there and I'm glad to see it was a big hit.

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