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YOTM Released!


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Just curious, but what's that liitle geyser in the day/night "steal sampan mission" map? Sometimes there's one, sometimes two.  :D

Looks like a helper point ran off and hid in the bushes. :lol:

What you speak of is a small unexplainable phenomenon. The team knows about it, but cant figure out what causes it. In my tests, I only seemed to get the "geyser" on saved missions. Is this the same case for you?

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Man, what can I say... WOW!!

This mod is a work of art, and the most fun I've had with GR for a long time.

I really hope the GR modding scene will continue to produce mods in this class for some time still.

To all involved in this (and everybody else still in the modding community) THANK YOU!

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D/l'ed and installed this mod yesterday as I have been wanting to play it.

I have a problem using the launcher in the YOTM folder.


Trying to start the YOTM campaign from the game works , the cinematic plays and it appears the Huey touches down and takes off, but when I'm switched to my avatar I appear in the helicopter which goes into a hover and I'm not able to continue with mission one.

Sometimes the helicopter disappears altogether and my squad and I are stranded in mid air. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/wombat50/static.jpg

I don't have DA 4.9 on my computer. I have DS, IT patched to 1.4 and YOTM activated in the mods tab. Never had to ask for advice on running any mods before.

What do you think, corrupt d/l?

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the launcher uses a registry path that is created when GR is installed of the disc. If you have moved its location, are using a warez version, or otherwise installed it, you might be missing the essential registry info needed for YOTMs launcher to work. If you do a search on this site, you should be able to find a thread about that path.

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Definitely not Warez. I did a reinstall of GR in Jan., so maybe that has something to do with it. Power supply crashed and burned.

Anyways, I can play the missions thru the multiplayer tab with AI backup. No cinematics but at least I can play the missions. I'll miss seeing the cinematics though. mmm... no quick saves either...meh who needs 'em. It will be a tune up for GRAW. :lol:

Very well done mod to say the least. :thumbsup:

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Finally got around to playing it!

Finished mission one!!

Was looking all over the bushes for snipers.. when i found them i grined.

Mission two cinematics were great, loved the new Huey models.

But I think i read a few spoilers when i started reading through this thread!! =( I hope i forget them before i proceed. Guess i should have expected it since its a feedback thread though.

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i had never actually played the YOTM campaign righ through - only played a few missions in COOP and then used several of the maps for my Golden Triangle mod.

but it is spectacular and the attention to detail is unsurpassed.

i love the innovation in the missions, and the way they havent packed the mission with AI but made the AI that are present react realistically and with dire consequences for my Platoon. a momentary lapse in concentration and i get my ass handed to me.

this certainly has to go down as one of the most comprehensive, well thought and well executed unoffical expansion packs for GR. if u havent done the campaign yet - do your self a favour.

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I totally agree with your assessment of the mod. I have played it many times, it's one of my most favorite mods; music is also awesome. A perfect choice with Jimi Hendrix' All Along the Watchtower. (just one of the scores)



My all time favorite campaign. And is probably the only campaign I`ve played through twice in Single Player.

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You know, it's been so long that I can't even remember the missions in YOTM. It's cool to see you guys still playing it and enjoying it. I'm going to have to play it again sometime.

I think a major amount of debt is owed to Oso for those missions. I think that there were a few times when he was ready to drive from Chicago to California(and Washington when I was there) to kick my ass. I know I spent a lot of time dogging him out when I should have just let him do his work. So, not only did he create some awesome missions he took a lot of negative ###### from me while doing so.

I'm still waiting for the real GR2. ;)

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Wow! I came upon this thread because I recieved notification of a PM and I couldnt remember my screenname to log in so I had to search for it. Im about to commission as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps and havn't followed the scene for some time.

I have to say that its flattering that people are still playing this mod, and equally impressive that people still have an interest in GR. Its also nice to see a little bit of a reunion among the team involved. Sleeper, OSO, DM, Rebar and XY69YZX(?) all brought unique talents to YOTM and if it wasnt for them, it would have probably ended up just an unfinished assortment of my crappy models and skins.

As much fun as this mod was to make at times, sometimes I felt like it was a bit of a "Heart of Darkness". With the exception of Rebar, Im not sure if any of the team took on any significant mod projects afterwards and I definately feel like some friendships within the the team werent the same afterwards. I know I certainly wish I kept in better contact with some of the guys over the years.

Keep modding GR, everybody, because they dont make games like that anymore!

Edit: I was just taking a trip through memory lane on some of the YOTM threads and it reminded me a lot about some of the inner conflict we as a team had towards the end of this project. So to everyone on the team (especially Sleeper) I want to apologize. I was younger and a little less mature and you guys were my first real experience as a leader. The team definately didnt need the micro management, delays, or arguments that I was probably responsible for.

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