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YOTM Released!


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All I have to say is Awesome Frigin Job! The music, the maps....just fantastic.

I have been checking the YOTM web site for updates every so often for quite a while now and had not seen anything new. Then surprise! It's done. The things you guys have been able to do is just unbelievable!

I had three guys die in the first mission and did not even see one Tango! (Maybe it's just because I suck, but its fun anyway) :yes:

I have never had a game hold my interest for so long. The modding community just continues to amaze.

Thanks Again!

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Congrats on the release. Glad to see you all in the team stuck with it until the end. I remember when Hotpants/Blakeness/Skyjockey started out with this mod... way way back. he he. Will download it and try it out when I can find the time. 3D work is pushing me away more and more from games these days. :(

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I've been playing the first mission for 25 minutes and couldn't figure out where the snipers where hiding.

I would creep and look...and still couldn't see them.

Then I perked up and remembered a Vietnam documentary I saw on the History Channel about how the NV snipers would stay for days in these little... :whistle:

(Thought I was going to tell, huh?)

Sure enough, I looked...and behold!!! I found those little snipers who were stalling my upward progress through the map.

I'm sure glad I remembered that documentary and have been continuing my ascension through the top notch YOTM mod!

So if you can't figure out where the snipers are in that first mission, don't get down on yourself...cheer up and you'll make it sooner or later.


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208 MB  :o

I hope the provider bandwidth is fast ...

Congrats guys


Dude..... Its Filefront <_<

If you dont pay them you get crap speeds, all I got is 40 kbps.

Anyway, Thanks so much YOTM team for sticking with this mod, and I cant wait untill its done and i can play!!!! :D

With all these positive comments, im too excited to wait an hour for this download :'(

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Im uploading it to ghostaholic.com, i will post the link when it finishes (+-1 hour).

Sorry we are having problems with transfers at ghostaholic, so much traffic i think.

So i will have to wait till next month (4 days)

Again sorry.

Edited by bati_gol_20
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You would not BELIEVE how long I spent trying to find those blinking snipers in the 1st mission. I kid you not, it got to the point I was using the Quick Save / Quick Load keys like nobody's business, just inching forward, using audio to try and figure out where he was hiding. When I eventually found him I could not believe it!!!!!

Great stuff.

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Been playing this mod for some hours now and it's absolutely awesome.

I'm really enjoying this piece of hard work. The quality is just mindblowing.

Good job guys! This is a gem and will provide countless hours of good fun for a lot of people.

Me being one of 'em.

Top notch! :D

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Im getting .8 kbps now, anyone know why? Anyone else have this problem??  <_<

I tried FileFront and it took me forever to get at 25% of the download.

And then remembered that GR.net Supporters have direct download priviledges... :devil:

Rocky, thank you soooooooo much for this benefit!!!


Just being able to download this mod quicker was worth my site donation.

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