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YOTM Released!


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm proud to announce that Year of the Monkey is now available for download. 

Get it HERE!!!!

Be sure to keep watch on the forums as dedicated MP servers will be online this weekend for some Team and Coop play.

Thanks for the loyalty and patience for what we hope you'll think is an awesome TC for Ghost Recon 1

Congratuations to the YOTM team, awesome to see you guys pull through and release this massive mod.

The mod is in our downloads database here and will be running on Tactical Elite's server very soon.

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I had a chance to play through some of the missions today and was seriously blown away by the professional calibre and polish in this mod! The new maps are spectacular, and the in-game audio and soundtrack ROCK. And that's just scratching the surface ...

Congrats to the dev team on the release of this amazing mod :thumbsup::clapping::notworthy:

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A very big Thanks to all you Guys where made this Mod come to life! I'm dl now

and I'm sure that this Modification is really something special.

"Good Things need time to get finished."

In other words, thank you all for that Gift!

I'm sure GRI will stay alive with all this superiour Mods that where Released

since it is out! In my opinion, the first Version is the most Realistic of all three.

Greetings, Keen

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This is too cool, and I already have no hesitation in calling it the second unofficial expansion pack for Ghost Recon.

Right from the too cool insertion with backing soundtrack on mission 1, to the brand new innovative features I was so proud to stumble upon without setting off ( :ph34r: ) , I'm just loving this. Sorry Shadow Ops and sorry R6:Lockdown, but this is where I'll be at for the coming week.

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hey guy's. just wanted to stop by and say your mod is totally amazing! i'm not gonna write much more, as i have to spend the rest of the day listening to hendrix and blowing stuff up!!

thanks for all the effort that you put into this mod - it's awesome.

rock on


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It's amazing :o As every body else has said Thanks a bunch guys.

I down loaded it at 2.00am today and didnt stop playing till about till 5.30am Just got up now and im walking round the house humming all the music scores from it

Way too coolllllllll :wacko:

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OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you for giving my online co-op teammates and myself a way to fight the cold northeast winter blues. The quality of this mod rivals the commercial releases. Excellent work, gentlemen. Dare we hope for more based on what is seen in the launcher options? :thumbsup:

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