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So many Mods.....

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I'd like to start by commenting on the many people that make these forums work, keep up the good work!

I am hopelessly addicted to Ghost Recon now. I see many people talk about mods, and I'd like to learn a little more. Most people I ask tell me to get mods named; dagrm 4.8, and hx4, but don't really tell me much more. I am a "noobie", ( if you didn't notice!!), and I just need more information on mods before I just start d/l anything. Any help would be appreciated, as trying to figure it out on my own is driving me nuts!! :wall:

I can be reached at negunner@yahoo.com, and I come here also. Thanks everyone!!

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MODS basically take the original vanilla GR and turn it into something new. Sometimes completely new, other times less so. The degree depends on the particular MOD.

Once you've decided on a MOD, you download it, run the executable, and install it into your MOD directory. Your MOD's go here:


Each directory in that MOD folder is a MOD in itself. To uninstall the MOD, you can either run the uninstaller, or delete the folder.

Which MOD you want depends on your taste, but here are a few of my own personal favorites:

DTD Israeli Defence Forces v1.3

BajaBravo's Sabre Teams v1.3

War of Infamy v2.0

Vympel v1.0

Monolith's Gangland

22nd SAS Equipment Modification

Navy SEALS 2.0

You can't go wrong with those.


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Also the type of mods you want will depend on whether you play a lot of MultiPlayer or if you are more of a SinglePlayer, er, player :blink:

The mods section of this site has them nicely categorized. Best thing is to download a couple of likely looking ones and check the Readme - it should contain the instructions you need to get you up and running.

Cheers Jack :)

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You got

- map-mods : new maps

- weapon mods : new weapons

- skin mods : new skins (camo)

- mission mods : new missions

- ###### mods (hehe) : new ###### (unrealistic ######)

or all of them in one mod

DAGRM4 and HX4 are mostly weapon mods and they are used on multiplayer alot.

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I concurr with Grail....all great mods. Gotta love the IDF mod, the M4-rockect launcher is awesome.....(in Demo)

Would also add to the list anything by Jack 57....very, very cool missions (Postcards from Peru, Saving Private Ryan)

The scripting and clever uses of the engine are really somthing.



PS: also chck out the 10mm Auto maps...very nice, original maps. Lots of work went into them.

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i really like Navy SEALS V2. it's a great all round mod. the weapons are great. There is a good selection but not so many that you have to go through 50 kits to find the one you are looking for. also the new characters are great (new regular and specialist troops)!

sweet mod. a good one to start out with if your're new to GR. :D

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I'd like to thank you all for the input. I d/l'd Invisible sniper, and Sniper Armoury Ver. 1.2a, and they're great! I did get a duplicator bug from one it seems, and had to Uninstall everything, and Reinstall. No big deal. Oh, by the way, Killa, I have used the same quote from Yoda on my kids for years, and my wife here and there!! Game on, all!!

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