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Has the game even gone Gold yet?

ChessBoxer 36

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Don't games usually go Gold like 2-3 weeks out from the release date? If it has gone Gold please enlighten me but this kind of worries me.

Good question. But I think they only need about a week after gold to get it on the shelves. Could be wrong but Bethesda did it that fast with Morrowind from what I remember.

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Excuse me, did I miss something?

Isn't the "launch" date now the 17th?

ubi razz, i believe on the ubi forums, stated that yes the xbox version is pushed to the 17th, but that the xbox360 version is still on for the 9th

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oops. sorry about that, didnt even notice i posted all caps. thanks for fixing, wont happen again. :wacko:

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"Priint Review" and "Review Build" don't sound GOld to me  ... but I am just guessing.

I may be wrong, but "Review Builds" are the discs some priviledged gaming magazines get when a company wants extra publicity for their game, and they let magazines review the game before it ships, hoping for a good score.

Thus, the discs don't have any of the official packaging or labels.

Of course, the guy could've very easily just printed the lables and stuck 'em onto some blank CD.

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It's not gold yet, they'll tell us when it is. This doesn't foretell a delay, though. Games go  gold very close to release all the time.

Actually, Ubisoft and some other companies have a bad habit to announce that a game has gone gold sometimes weeks after it really has. This is done more for PR reasons: i.e. it's sounds better for a press announcement to say "the game has gone gold and will be on store shelves next week" than "the game has gone gold master and will be out in 3-4 weeks.

I don't claim that what's below is entirely accurate, as I'm not a game developer, but it'll give you an idea of how "gone gold" announcements aren't really that important.

For console games, e.g. for the Xbox/360, a gold master has to get approved by Microsoft before it can get pressed. Then it has to be packaged and shipped to stores. This process actually takes weeks. If Microsoft rejects the gold master because of bugs etc, then the developer has to tweak it and resubmit.

So it's not in the best interests of the PR dept to tell you the game has gone gold until after the initial batch of discs are pressed, packaged and sitting in trucks to be distributed.

Generally speaking as far as I know, a game typically goes gold master a month before it hits store shelves. That's why you often see a patch on release day for PC games.

So for all we know, both GRAW console and PC have already gone gold master, but Ubi PR will not want to tell you yet.

In the end, what really counts is when you see the game on the store shelf :thumbsup:

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