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Will HDTV give you an advantage in GRAW?


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So I was just thinking about the huge difference in resolution with GRAW vs GR2.

I remember playing GR2 (multiplayer) and many, many times looking at something on the screen and saying to myself "oh man is that somebody...or is that a _______ ?" (whatever it might be).

Anyone at a distance turned into a blob on the screen for the most part and that was playing in 480p.

Now with playing in HD that blob will be much more clear and most HD users will also have a wider view because of the wider screen.

So you think it will be much of an advantage or same old thing?

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I think so. I used to play Old Ghost Recon on a 57 inch projection and although it wasn't the greatest resolution I could still see a ton of stuff that other players couldn't identify right away with their smaller screens.

I switched to a 27 inch for Rainbow 6 for a better reaction time and have never gone back. I recently purchased a 51 inch Toshiba DLP set and I will be using that 24/7 for GRAW and I expect it to help immensely with the size and clarity alone.

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AFAIK, pro gamers tend to use lower resolutions, a 'blob' stands out more than a few pixels among millions. So you may be at a disadvantage with a HDTV, but at least it'll look cool.

ERRR ok, thats one of the strangest things i have ever heard. it that is the case why do high end gamers, buy such awesome displays. Fatality1 actually endorses a high end display capable of extrememely high resolutions, and he is one of the best in the world.

You may be right, but i personally dont believe so. i think HDTV will give you a definite advantage.

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Withouth a doubt , but it's no HDTV for me , it's projector for me.

Me bro has a HDTV for a few days now but we hardly played on it, we simply miss the incredible huge screensize of the projector, games like GR2 and SS

are awesome on our projector and i can't wait to check GRAW on it.

We both will be playing it on this baby




booooooyyyyyyyyyy cant wait.

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Thanks man, that sounds really good. Cause that price...although 1000 euro is enough dough, it's affordable , definitely.

My bro is planning on getting a projector after the summer that costs like 1800 euro's, but maybe he should look out for this one.

What we both really want one time, is to have the screensize of what we have now, but in LCD TV quality,my pops has a DIBOSS HDTV, the picture quality is amazing, i really would want that with a projector.

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