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GRAW Airsoft Question


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I got this in the mail today


i'm the president of the Airsoft Tactical Unit, first airsoft club in Serbia and Montenegro ( former Yugoslavia ) you see we are very intrested for a GR AW and we want to create a club who will going to simulate the soldiers from GR AW , but we need some  help with equipment so our question is, can you help as in whatsover way?

What sort of help is he after? :huh:

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Probably what gear the ghosts use in that and such, weapons. I dunno about them but i just use what i like ;).

Would be hard to simulate GRAW unless you wanna make stuff out of cardboard and kevlar.

Not to mention the cash theyd throw out on glorified web gear.

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What sort of help is he after?  :huh:

Just send him a link to this page, and this one. :P

Wow.....you can actually buy this staff already ?? cool :thumbsup::o=

you can buy all the multicam stuff, the gloves, boots. Think you need some paperwork for the body armor. the only gun they have ingame I've seen an airsoft equivalent for is the M-8

Exactly, the XM8 is available as a kit to transform a G36C.

My buddy has one for sale if anyone is interested...


SCAR series weapon are not available yet. But almost any other is available as new or as upgrade kits.

By the way, this is my first post... but I've been reading the GR forums for a long period of time. So... Hello guyz!

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