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Medieval: Total War 2


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New info on the 2nd patch from the TotalWar forums:

We can confirm that Update 2 will be available for download on Thursday April 5. The update is currently in the final stages of testing at SEGA and we're not anticipating any further issues that will delay its release. Between now and Thursday , SEGA will be working to secure as many mirrors as possible in order to ease the downloading process.

Regarding the content of the update - we've had some issues with the implementation of some of our intended plans for the hotseat mode and these were continuing to delay the release of this update. So, rather than delay any further, we've decided to continue our work on this and include a fully implemented version of this mode in the recently announced Kingdoms expansion.

Once again, many thanks for your continued patience whilst awaiting this update. We all hope you have a great time with your updated version of Medieval II over the Easter break.

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Hotseat mode looks sweet, Run on Auto in battled and watch it unfold and then switch to control a faction at any time during the battle ... nice.

Cant wait, although a 650 MB patch tomorow will run slow as hell I would think without many mirrors, I will wait .. until after to grab it.

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Offical post alert :

Hi all.

Well, what an interesting 12 hours we've had!

You've seen threads and word is spreading that there is something going on with the patch. So, here's the official word.

We've been testing the life out of this patch for days and days and at the eleventh hour some bugs have come up that we simply cannot fix in the time allowed.

After extensive testing of the patch, the Sega QA department discovered late last night that there may still be some unresolved issues in the final build of the patch. Specifically we are focussing on the Battle AI causing us concern under certain conditions. They are also investigating a potential crash bug that may have crept into the code, that is as yet, unverified. QA have requested extra time to verify this with the CA team in Australia; so we can fully regress the bugs in tandem with their QA department and rectify any issues with the code.

Given the level of chat and comments that you guys are good enough to send us, we are aware of the anticipation you guys have but we would consider it unforgiveable if we were to release a patch knowing that there are a number of potential issues with it.. Therefore, given the choice of two evils, we've taken the one that we hope will at least indicate some sensitivity to you guys and your expectations.

In conjunction with this we've also seen that a version of the patch is doing the rounds. This is a good old fashioned leak - we've tried to plug all gaps but owing to a less than secure url being held by one of our file mirrors, some of you guys have been clever enough to find a backdoor and grab the patch.

Kudos to you for your ingenuity, but be aware that this is not the release patch and CA and SEGA are not supporting this. This is not an official release and it is the very same patch that has the bugs mentioned above.

We're wise enough to know that this file is being distributed and how futile it would be to try and stop it. Canute couldn't stop the sea and we can't stop the internet, so we're not silly enough to think that we can stop it's spread.

So, well done to those who found it but please recognise that we think there are problems and we cannot support it.

If you feel inclined to grab this file, it's up to you and if you have feedback we'd be silly not to listen - but keep in mind that we think it's flawed so make your own decision.

We want to apologise - we've been wiping egg off our faces all morning and so we throw ourselves at the mercy of you guys in the hope that you'll understand. We understand your disappointment - we're disappointed too - so stay with us while we try and fix things.


.. any patches at the moment flying about or on torrents or leaked on less than well known places are basicly an official known bugged patch .. so its your choice to install it ... I wont personnaly and will wait.

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Update 2 is finally released!


Medieval II: TW v1.2 contains the following changes:


Units do not clump together when told to complete a 180 degree turn.

Janissary Musketeers now fire consistently.

Enemy AI army formations in bridge battles now allow their own artillery to fire.

Enemy cannons do not fire at unbreakable walls.

Grouped archers out of ammo will attack enemy units in melee combat when ordered to do so.

AI does not deploy outside of enemy gates.

When defending an enemy settlement with multiple exits, taking your army out of the side/back door does not make it easier to defeat the enemy.

Improved Siege AI.

Cavalry can now charge a spearman army.

General's bodyguard unit now marches correctly outside castles.

AI now effectively assaults 2nd tier of a Fortress.

Sallying AI army now reacts properly to being assaulted from 2 sides

Attacking Siege AI concentrates on taking the settlement rather than chasing down units outside the settlement.

Generals are now more effective at chasing down routing units.

Enemy AI reacts to being bombarded with Trebuchets while inside a settlement.

Siege AI now more difficult to defeat if player places missile units outside the walls.

AI controls it units more effectively in a Citadel

AI artillery more decisive in its positioning

Remaining AI army now advances to use siege equipment

AI Cavalry can now flank a Spear Wall

AI now responds to missiles when sieging settlements

AI now crosses bridges to attack

AI responds more quickly to gates that have been opened by Spies (while sieging).

Units do not break formation when chasing routers

Enemy AI effectively attacks when player's units in a settlement square

Enemy AI now utilises spare rams

Improved enemy AI response to stakes

Shortened Siege attack timers

Enemy AI will no-longer send out General's bodyguard on a suicide mission while defending


Improved responses to monetary offers

Bribery attempts do not always fail after an unsuccessful first attempt

Diplomatic 'Just Rejected' response no-longer to 'Not Interested' response to counter-offer, no matter how generous

Aztecs now appear in the correct year (for diplomacy actions)

Generals in a Crusade do not get inquisition

Improved diplomacy mechanic - AI Factions now stick with alliances and/or attack 'more intelligently'


Soft-locks in MP Lobby no-longer occur

Host random hangs fixed

Resolved issue with client CTD when host ends game that client is joining

Auto-resolve Siege battle hangs fixed

Siege tower catching fire no-longer causes random hangs

Random hangs after loading Campaign save game


Battering Rams no-longer stuck in gates

Ship movement area fixed

Ram crew no-longer stuck between rams

Northern European Castle terrain fixed to allow docking of towers

Improved use of ladders

Southern European Fortress wall fixed to allow docking of towers

Improved the way units use Way-points

Siege of Setenil slow-down tweaked

Units no-longer become stuck on canyon walls on 'Canyon' map

Units do not ascend/descend invisible ladders

Units do not get stuck on Siege towers

Cavalry pathfinding improved when sallying out from a Fortress

Bridge battle pathfinding improved (units do not constantly reform)

Citadel and Fortress paths fixed so that units can avoid assaulting inner walls

Breach pathfinding tweaked


Enemy spearmen do not charge with raised spears

2H axemen attack tweaked, inc. Attacking Cavalry

Defending units can no-longer enter a siege tower as soon as it docks with the walls


Mouse Cursor position now updates when scrolling with the arrow keys.

Assassination exploit fixed.

Mission "Reinforce Region" now functions correctly

Attacking an enemy army from inside a sieged settlement no-longer causes the enemy to lose all built siege equipment

Fixed two family members (brothers) with the exact same name

Rudder event now triggers at the correct time

When an enemy sallies and is defeated you no-longer have to wait for the timer to run out in-order to win.

Assassin mechanics tweaked

Mercenary recruitment tweaked

Diplomatic Information scroll updates correctly.

Online replays now match

Slowdown fixed on Desert Sanctuary

Metallic Resource now support Mines

Cavalry charges do not fail when charging skirmishing/moving units or if a knight is out of position

Units can now withdraw on the Eifel Mountains Battle Map

Construction queue exploits fixed

The carroccio standard can now fit through the gate on a sally out battle.

Southern European > Fortress: routing Enemy AI now leaving the map

Printing press event triggers at the correct time

Ladder docking/undocking tweaked

Faction standings tweaked

Priests no-longer convert to heretics if traveling on a fleet

Upper limit added on how long units stay in loose formation for.

Traits/VnV triggers tweaked


Camera height does not drop under bridge in River Po Custom Battle map.

Camera does not drop below water's surface in Palm Beach, Andalusia and Italian Wars map/scenarios.

Camera does not show the underneath of a bridge when General is killed on the bridge


Drag Deploy functionality tweaked

RTS camera functionality tweaked


Princess character now greyed out upon death on Family tree

Venice battlemap ambient building placement tweaked

Fixed issue with trees disappearing when panning camera

Added paths to doorways in Southern European Large City

Added paths to doorways in Southern European City

Fixed minor lighting issue in Southern European City

Fixed misaligned platforms in Southern European Large Town

Tweaked Crusade Army banner

Fixed texture gaps and unwelded verts on Middle Eastern Huge City buildings.

Fixed incorrect Tower Path in Mesoamerican City

Fixed path through wall in Mesoamerican City Wall

Fixed floating buildings above the battle map in Aztec Gold Scenario

Fixed floating spikes in Mountain Redoubt scenario

Added correct image for Paladin ancillary

Fixed grey reinforcement area that states that 'This army cannot fight in night battles' even though the current battle is not a night battle.

Added correct image for Aztec Rebel - Native Archer

Added correct image for Aztec Spearmen

Fixed floating torches in SE Citadel courtyard

Garrison quarters no-longer change to Town Guard when in Construction queue

Armoury building image in construction queue no-longer changes to an armoury

Fixed issue with Trebuchets sometimes disappearing when zooming in close

Fixed maps have the winter option but don’t have winter texture on the battle map

Night attack selection tick and reinforcements do not disappear if user selects night attack option and then views enemy army details.

Fixed officers not animating while riding

Removed trees in the water in The Battle of Otumba.


Units can no-longer be deployed on inaccessible sections of wall

Fixed deployment issues with Southern European Wooden Castle on either side of the main gate.

Units no-longer deployable in buildings in Mesoamerican City


Ballista collision improved

Southern European Citadel gate collision improved

Middle Eastern Gatehouse collision improved

Issues with units getting pushed into areas that can't be deployed into.


Battle Editor

This tool is unsupported by either Creative Assembly or Sega, it is

provided as is and there are no guarantees that it is free from bugs.

You can run the Battle Editor in two ways:

1. Run Medieval2.exe with the commandline switch:

medieval2.exe --features.editor

2. In the config file add the following option:


editor = true


Cinematic Editor

This tool is unsupported by either Creative Assembly or Sega, it is

provided as is and there are no guarantees that it is free from bugs.

NOTE: When viewing movies created in Cinematic editor in pro applications.

e.g. Premiere, the Alpha channel will always be set at 0. As a result you

must ignore the Alpha channel setting in the application. Unedited movies

playback normally in standard Media Player apps such WMP or VLC....



Mission scroll hotkey added

Financial Details hotkey functionality and tooltip added

Reveal/Advance advice hotkey functionality added

Battle Tutorial Dismiss advice functionality added

Magnifying glass added to Disaster Strikes scroll

Princess appears correctly on family tree

Chat Window errors fixed

Family Tragedy scroll triggered correctly

Console text appearance tweaked

Now possible to launch game from autorun launcher

Fine Grain time control added (accessible by holding Shift and clicking + and - on battle UI)


Loading saved game of the same turn no-longer allows user to keep both allies when they declare war

Russian and Czech autosave fixed


Movement_Embark speech now triggered correctly

Allies breaking through gates of citadel now triggers correct speech

Battle ending in draw when timer runs out now triggers correct speech

Campaign Map interface sounds added

End Turn sound now fades out nicely

Win/Lose music is now representative of the Faction

Enemy King killed speech now triggered

Enemy Reinforcements arrive speech now triggered correctly

Player Army Tired Battle Event Speech is now triggered.

Player Army Half Gone Battle Event Speech is now triggered.

Enemy Army Half Gone Battle Event Speech is now triggered.

Player Under Attack Idle Battle Event Speech is now triggered.

Player Winning Combat Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Player Losing Combat Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Leaves Fleet speech now triggered correctly.

Player Tide Of Battle Up Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Player Tide Of Battle Down Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Muslim Enemy General Killed Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Christian Enemy General Killed Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

Allied General Captured Battle Event Speech now triggered correctly.

The "spy infiltrated our settlement" audio/speech is now played when "Start battle" is pressed during cutscene

Correct region music plays when loading a saved campaign game.

Added sound trigger for planting archer stakes in ground.

Clicked-on characters on the Campaign Map no-longer stack their audio response if clicked multiple times.

In the Historical battles, Battle of Otumba and the Battle of Hastings the music speeds up when you attack

Other minor audio tweaks also carried out.


Minor grammar/spelling errors fixed

Edited by Hockeystick
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So I got tired of playing as the Danes because the Pope was being stupid. So I started as the Moors and had a very easy start. The Portuguese and Spanish have both been exterminated by my hand. I control the starting provinces in Africa as well as all of Spain. The problem now is France and the Papal States are constantly attacking me. My spearmen and light cavalry which were great against the Portuguese and Spanish are now completely ineffective against the heavy armor of European troops and cavalry. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to beat them? I would use horse-archers but I can't even build those. Is strength in numbers going to be my only advantage? I've had a couple of close battles recently and I think the strength of France will be too much for the next battle. Any thoughts? Thanks. :)

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When I am the Danes I always just load up in boats and go lay the smack down on Russia, for the reason that the pope is killer in the beginning. But after I have beaten the Russians then I come back through Poland, and gernerally by that time I am good enough with the Pope that I can pretty much kill whoever I want.

As for your Moors question, no idea. Sorry.

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Well, I beat the short campaign as the Moors. I fought off multiple attacks from the French and Sicily. They would assault my cities again and again. It was nuts. I thought it was fitting that as my 15 city (and for the win) was to oust the Pope. ;)

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Just finished up a grand campaign as the Byzantines. Tons of fun, very good all 'round faction. Usually had two fronts, east and west, going from the starts. Went pretty well but then the Mongols and Timurinds came. Finished conquering the entire world by beating the Myans. Fun Times.

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