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Paintball & GRAW


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Ubisoft has teamed up with BXB and Skirmish Paintball to bring fans of the GR series a day out to remember!

Monday 27th February will see 50 gamers including members of the gaming press gather for a day’s Paintball and the chance to play Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter ahead of its release on 10th March 2006.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it.

The day is an invite only event so if you are free on *Monday 27th February and fancy the chance to Paintball with the Ubisoft team, the UK Frag Dolls, the BXB Team and many more not forgetting yours truly XboxGameZone (now that alone has to be a good reason to come along) then there are two ways to go about the chance to win an invite.

Full Details

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We have an official invite, so if anyone from the forum would like to go along and represent GRNET, send me a PM!

Hello all

What do you get when you combine...

- The latest version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on (count them) twenty-five '360' pods

- Paintball

- Woods

- The Frag Dolls

Answer = All-out multiplayer mayhem - both virtually and in reality.

And so, you are all cordially invited by Ubisoft to attend this mass day of warfare which will be frenetic, chaotic but a lot of fun!


Monday 27 Feb




Skirmish Paintball Games


Fryers Farm Lane

Lane End

High Wycombe

HP14 3NP

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Hmm...that would be about 5 hours for me to get there...tempting but I'm not sure if a) it would be a good enough reason to miss college for the day, b) it would be such a good idea, as I've only been on the motorway once, and c) its not my car.

That said...still tempting maybe lol

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Hey audiolab :)

i wont go into much detail here now because im knackered lol, got home about 9.30pm after several hours driving (including getting a tad lost at one point on way home because of a damned one way system lol)

There will be a full report on xgz hopefully by tomorrow, ill let you all know when its up.

Comments for now would be: we only got chance to play multiplayer so i cant comment on the sp, the zoom has been adjusted so when zoomed your movement is slowed down preventing running while zoomed something i know im guilty of, hopefully that will result in a slower paced game in team games (not sure about solo)

The night vision is odd and made me feel a bit sick to start with, im sure i will get used to it but its very different to any we have seen before in gr. Its based on heat emmisions so you get a bright shadow effect following players as they move, creating a blur to aim at, its probably something better used to identify there location and then quick off the normal vision to aim but only time will tell.

Graphics while not something that overly concern me in a game are without doubt superb and the maps we played were huge

anyway thats prob about it from me for now, ill let u know when articles up :thumbsup:

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