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What year were you born?  This is the INFORMATION AGE... Posting news about one version of the game isn't going to cut sales because everyone is on their toes...

Everyone except you, apparently:

LOGOS -- First, there is no outlining in any of the GR:AW PC screenshots.

Ci2e -- No one would have made this mistake if there was more than rumors available about the PC version...

LOGOS -- Second, Ci2e specifically, what makes you think that you're going to see the diamonds for enemies around the map with hard surfaces in between you and them.  What screenshot is that in?

Ci2e -- Most likely 360 screenshots again I wouldn't compare the only media I have available against the PC version if there was more info available...

LMAO, dude.

A -- you go after me for a dead post over a scare that occured AND was resolved before you even joined the site -- ten days ago?

B -- you go after me for suggesting that anyone in the information age would confuse the 360 and PC versions, when a couple of days ago you were defending yourself to me that it wasn't your fault that you were confusing the 360 and PC versions. :wacko::wacko::wacko:

You have got to give me the # of your ganja dealer, bro. That's good weed when you can't remember one argument to the next.


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