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GRAW NEW Hands-On single player from Gamespot


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GOOD LORD!!!! And gamespot saying something about the environments ,that might not look as good as the characters and all that...welli can't help but simply be amazed by the environments i see on the shots, and that draw distance is SICK!

And look at this shot


Just look at the detail on the characters alone....wow. NEXT GEN for real.

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Well, I don't have access to the HD stuff (I could only stream at a crappy res) but I'll say that the game is looking awesome.

AI was impressive... too bad the person playing sucks so much. He was barely using the team and when he did... the guy was kind of a knucklehead. I don't think was used to it, and was more focused on doing things himself. Just... he wasn't good with the squad.

Looks like they changed the squad control up a bit... looks more like BiA now... where you direct your guys to a spot and they do their thing... or you highlight an enemy and can order them to fire and whatnot. Looks much improved.

The radio (cross com) chatter is pretty good. And I didn’t even mind the CrossCom that much. It was actually cool how the system boots up and comes on-line as you exit the Blackhawk.

Looks like battles erupt and escalate pretty quickly.

The animation is top-notch, with all sorts of little things going on that make a huge impact on realism. The squad reacts to incoming fire and it’s cool to see the effect explosions have on them (and you and your HUD)!

Game looks sick.

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I just watched the vids. There are about five new ones.

The game does look beautiful, despite being a bit candy coloured. The explosion sounds are great, a real atmospheric boom. I guess maybe the real guns sound like that but they all sound the same to me. Just a rattling sound. The guns in GR1 seemed to have a more distinctive sound to each.

I'm pleased with the look of the vids but despite the enemy ai supposedly being god the team ai seems awful and the game logic seems childish. Here are few examples from the video.

In one video the guy suggests blowing up the fuel tanker as a 'diversion'. They blow it up then run directly towards it. er, isn't a diversion supposed to 'divert' the enemies attention 'away' from whatever and wherever they are attacking.

Also, just after this he says 'these guys (the enemy) are spread out like they know what they are doing' implying that spreading out is a proffessional thing for a squad to do. They themselves then proceed to bunch up thren men around the trunk of one car, almost as squashed as the ai squad mates in HL2.

Also I'm a bit worried when i see the sniper scopes aim hardly being impacted even when a 5 or 6 round burst is being fired.

On the whole though it really looks lovely.

In one of the movies there is a large 'Nokia' sign on a roof. I wonder if they were paid to put that in. I hope so. I generally hate adverts on web sites and tv etc but they exist in the real world so are needed in game worlds to make it real and the game makers might as well get paid for having them as well. And i dont feel that i'm being advertised to so everyone is happy.

I mean, when i see vending machines with none existant sodas in games i think they should just use coke or pepsi as it would help to make it more real. That kind of advertising doesnt bug me out for some reason.

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Watch them?  man I'm living them over and over again on my computer.  I gotta tell you it's getting me more and more pumped up for it.  Did someone say something about shotguns in another post around here?

I agree with kain. I've watched them multiple times now. And I'm also wondering about this shotgun thing? Is it possible to get a link to some kind of screen or something showing this shotgun or was it just a miscommunication?

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I wish the player on the videos wouldnt have used the Night Vision mode as often, so we could appreciate more... but all in all they are amazing!

I love the part where he blows the truck and soldiers react to the explosion by going prone and continue the attack... great stuff!

Wow! :ph34r:

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