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It's finally over. The great mod i was talking about is finished.

It is a 994 MB Download for a 3 giga of mod.

Inside you will find many features for single and multiplayer, with a great part dedicated to fun games, such as invisible predator VS man in black, or the american secession war, and other more.

The "serious" multiplayer gaming has been changed; in the soldier selection, you won't have just 4 soldier but 9, as teh number of the slots

platoon commander, with 2 type of weapon with camo, no explosives

gunner the only guy that can carry much ammo and explosives

demo rocket, clays, options for SD weapons

raider SMGs, smoke grenade, impact grenade, normal nades

grenadier all GLs

recon expert with sensors

rifleman rifles with nades NO SD

sharpshooter semi-auto sniper rifles, accurate rifles

sniper - easy to understand...LOL

well, in ths i gotta say we've been inspired by HX5...

anyway, there will be many new maps, including some of the latest made for GR.

Materials and contenents of this mod have been made by










Sgt Crocodrile

and many others.

And a special thank to Giweda, Rocky, Suicide Commando, Commando Crazy, Courtney Yaeger, Stalker, SOF, Richmondskin and all the GR.Net Community

We really enjoyed to be able to put into a single mod all those skins, weapon models and textures into a single mod and i hope that you will enjoy playing it.

I wanna say thanx again to all the modders that, in fact, have allowed this game to survive for so many years.


Tomorrow ill put here the download link, now i gotta make the setup translation in english...LOL

NOTE FOR GIWEDA Giw, ho mosso le divise italiane...

Se hai problemi con la connessione, dimmi dove posso spedirti il mod, per me sara' un piacere!!!

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new camos, all US with Marines marpat, italian soldier with new experimental marpat, german soldiers, uk commandos, canadians from BJB, all with the Snow Camo availabe.

Many weapons with many features, from the m240 to the xm8, from the sr47 to the HK53; a good sniper armoury; all weaponry is divided in base of the country; all models with Holster Points; many kits with impact grenades...

In this moment i'm doing the last Beta-Testing with HAlien... LOL

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994 MB?! =O I dont think even the nearest Library high speed will get that in under 3 hours :( argh..

Anyone wanna burn me a CD? Cash is ready.

man, np for CD, give me the adress; the only probelm, is that im italian!i hope you do not live in australia buahahaha!

Do not worry man, i can send u both a DVD or two CDs

Anyway, I do not have a very fast connection, and downloaded it in just 2 hours (YES; I DOWNLOADED MY OWN MOD; A LONG STORY EHEHEH)

Anyway, if u have troubles contact me on


(and all ya guyz can come on the PGS server on

Expecially if you have to report bugs, i'll be happy if u contact us!

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It's finally over. The great mod i was talking about is finished.

It is a 994 MB Download for a 3 giga of mod.

Yikes 994 megs!!!! 3gigs uncompressed?

Is this a GR record?

What did Doom3 install at... 5 gigs?

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New game modes.... any new maps?

Edited by cryptomorph
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yes, red five and the last map made by cobaka...too great to not be included!

but i always think that the best thing in the mod is the new multiplayer section, from real world to Alien VS Predator, vampire hunters... they're too funny! (PS for me, the invisible predator is really the TOP ehehhe)

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Sry for troubles... now the download is ready, the only problem is that it is in italian! We didn't made the set up in english yet...Anyway, if you wanna try, this is the link!


For critics, bur reports and money (cash?? bah....buahahahahahah) contact

PGS_Killabees killabees@hotmail.it

I hope you'll like it!!!

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Maybe I am overlooking it but whats the name of this mod?

The download link says "halien recon" so is this the name aswell?

I just added this mod to our download section and wanted to be sure to name it correctly so people can actually find it when searching for this mod :thumbsup:

Took me like 6 hours to upload it :rofl:

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thanx all ya boys! Thanx ghostaholics! Waitin for u 911 and ###### guys on the PGS Server!

anyway, kurts, there are no single player mission availabe, the only available will crash, cuz there are missing actor files... a bug that we will fix with patches; u can play those maps in firefight, recon, and try my 2 new scripts, base recon, stealth base recon; the second is really hard in desert maps!

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Really nice mod. However i have CDT playing firefight and I had to reset GR to standard maps first before the mod would load again in multiplayer. Otherwise more CDT. Will be running it through it`s paces later and post the issues.


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