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What kind of video card do you have?


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My faithful workhorse HIS 9600XT, has continued to be flawless for over 2.5 years.

Plays BF2 at 800*600 with all med settings and shadows/lighting to low.

Its replacement: evga's 7800 GS CO currently somewhere between Windsor and my home.

Blame BF2 and GR:AW for the splurge on the vid card.

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x1600Pro 256MB GDDR2 AGP (Backup: Sapphire 9600 256mb... Hope I never need it seeing it's on ebay right now for BIN $49)

Warcloud: What's wrong with it? What drivers are you using?

Maybe we can help. :thumbsup:

Dude... the X1800XT is ok really, i'm on CCC 6.2. It's catalyst Control Centre, takes too long to load, maybe i'm a bit impatient. I had problems with Ghost Recon and Raven Shield and it turned out to be the settings in CCC, normally i have CCC set at factory default, but playing GR & RvS i had latency issues with my mouse loads of lag, so i have to remember to change CCC's... "wait for vertical refresh"... to allways off, it's... "off, unless application specifies" by factory default. I might try the Omega drivers?
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