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Any EASY Way to Make a DEFEND Mission?

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I read the RSE IGOR tutorial on making defend missions and there has to be an easier way to make one. I hoped to find out how by opening up an original GR defend missions in IGOR but could not find any. The ones I found in HX5 crashed IGOR when I tried to open them.

For those who haven't read the official RSE IGOR tutorial....

Assault Platoon - These Zones define the areas where the enemies will start

in the Defend game type. The numbers underneath it indicate what Platoon those

enemies will be on so they can benefit from the Platoon-level AI. There should be 12 Zones, and it doesn’t matter how many Platoons are selected. In Ghost Recon, all Mission Files that supported this game type used 4 Zones for Platoons 0, 1, and 2, and didn’t use Platoon 3.

Make sure Igortutorial02.mis is open, and make sure Floors are viewable. Place

36 Spawn Points and label them “Point 00†to “Point 35â€. Try to make sure that each is near cover, and none of them can see any other ones within 360 degrees of itself. After that, Place a Team Base, labeled “Base 00†in the upper left-hand corner, “Base 01†in the lower right-hand corner, “Base 02†in the lower left-hand corner, and “Base 02†in the upper right-hand corner.

Now, behind each Team Base put three smaller Zones, and mark them as tr0a,

tr0b, tr0c, tr1a, etc… until each Team Base has 3. Make sure they are near cover and about the same distance away from their Team Base. After that, put a Central Area, labeled “Central Area†equidistant, or as close to it as you can get, from each Team Base.

Pick a spot that looks good for an insertion and put down a Recon Insertion Zone.

Find a good extraction spot and put down a Recon Extraction Zone.

Make sure that they’re not the same as similar zones for the single-player

mission. Pick one of your Team Bases that has a lot of cover around it, and

make it the Sp/Coop Base. Place the 12

Assault Platoon

Basic Igor Guide V1.0 44

Zones on the map in places that aren’t too close to the Sp/Coop Base, but so they aren’t too close to other Assault Platoon Zones Mark the Assault Platoon Zones as using only Platoons 0, 1, and 2, just to be safe. Now, save the mission and you’ll be able to play it with other game modes in Quick Mission, and it should be playable in Multiplayer as well. Congratulations!

Congratulations indeed! :rofl:


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The defend missions are in the "(coop) defend.gtf" file.

You don't "script" the missions, you place the zones mentioned in the tutorial on the map, and the .gtf handles the rest.

I had imported the defend script. But at this point I can't even get the mod to show up. It shows up as an activated mod, but doesn't show up in quick mission in any category from mission to defend. :wall: Any suggestions?

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Unless im wrong you select the "gametype" - whatever gtf was named, and then select the map to play it on. Its not a mission you select.

Are you saying the selection occurs in IGOR... by some step other than importing one of the defend scripts? Or are you saying I should be able to find it under the defend menu in QuickMission or MP?

I have imported both the SP and COOP defend missions and looked for them on the appropriate menus and they don't show up. I've looked for just the generic map name on the defend menu... nothing.

What's odd is that there's obviously no defend missions in GR that I can find. So the defend missions have to be totally generated by some script. So why if I try to make my own defend mission do I have to do anything else than chose a base to defend and let the script do the rest? I'll have to try again to open up some of the HX defend missions.

ON EDIT: OK... in exporting the script to my mod folder I just came across some new options. I'll have to check out what they do.

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Open Igor and selest the script tab at the top. Now import and there is defend in MP2 folder. If you are making your own then complete your script and then export it. Rename it and it will show in your modes selection.

Using HX5 you must have it activated first or in Igor/File/Mods make sure you select and refresh it.


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Open Igor and selest the script tab at the top. Now import and there is defend in MP2 folder.  If you are making your own then complete your script and then export it. Rename it and it will show in your modes selection.

Thanks for responding. So if the defend script can generate a defend game on any map... without having to go though the trouble of placing all the enemy forces... can it just be modfied to make the home base selectable?

Can that be done? For instance all I really want to do is make the tower in the High Serria map the home base and add a few fixed weapons... and if the defend script can take care of the rest... placement of enemies etc, that'd be great.

ON EDIT: EDIT... Getting there. The mission file was able to create the insertion zone which became the base... though there was no smoke. The fixed weapons were also there.

Exporting the defend gtf script unmodified to my mods folder seems to have gotten the defend game started.... though I have to access it though the missions menue. Enemies were generated... but they didn't seem to do much. Even on elite I'd kill three or so and a notice would pop up that I won... the enemy was retreating.

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