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need help on hosting game


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did some searching on here but, need a little help. how do you host or create a room, i have ubi and x fire, i just started playing gr online and would like to host a game or create a room just for noobies like me, do you launch gr and use the create a game there or use ubi, x fire to creat a game? i'd like it to be a solo last man standing .

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Some of the folks helped me with this last week - you're not the only one :) .

You just need to create a game using the multiplayer option in the main menu, selecting 'Internet' in the tabs on the top left. Make sure that GR knows whether you're behind a firewall or not (it's in the 'multiplayer' tab in the main options screen, I think), and then dish out the IP address that it comes up with when you enter the game setup screen (the one with the choice of roster, map, spawn etc). I found the easiest way was to flip out of GR to the desktop (leaving GR running), and then MSN whoever you want to with the IP address. I think you also have to make sure that you're running the same mods.

Hope that was a little help - bit vague, I know.


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Try not to double post please, always edit your last post after saying "edit:"

For last man standing you need to select game type, when you setup your server..


CO-OP (always best)

DEATHMATCH (Not always good, more the merrier)

I remember my LAN sessions back in the day, it was awesome.. ( no LAG)

It doesnt matter if you have x-fire or msn running in the background, although you can launch a game through x-fire, it doesnt really mean you can host through x-fire. It just tracks how long you played the game. :)

Try using the Dedi server option that way you wont have to create a game everytime in GR, you can just go to join internet & join your own IP


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