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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Home Page

Technical Information

1 – All platforms :

If you are having technical problems with your copy of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, please contact our technical support team here: http://www.ubireg.com/uk/

2 – Xbox 360 / SP / MP / Live

Number of players

1 to 4 players in split screen

Online multiplayer game online or local mode

Versus and Co-op mode :

- 2 to 16 players on the exclusive Xbox 360 Co-op campaign

- 2 to 16 players on Xbox Live

- 2 à 16 players on local LAN

Technical infos :

- Memory Card : 4 Mo

- Dolby Digital Sound

- HDTV ready 480p/720p/1080i

- Online Rankings

- Communication system on Xbox Live

3 - Xbox / SP / MP / Xbox Live

Number of players :

1 to 4 players split-screen on multiplayer versus online mode

2 players in Co-op mission (Same as Solo Mission)

2 to 16 players on Xbox Live

Technical Infos :

Memory Card : 1556 Blocks

Son Dolby Digital

HDTV ready 480p

Online ranking

Compatible with the chat system on Xbox Live

4 - PC / SP / MP

Coming soon

5 - Playstation 2 / SP / MP

Number of players

2 to 8 players on versus mode

Technical Infos :

Memory Card : at least 230Kb

Dolby Pro Logic II Sound

Analog sticks

Dual Shock Rumble

Broadband adaptor (Ethernet) (for PlayStation 2)

To access the online rankings and use the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor, you must have a broadband Internet connection. Connection fee(s) are the responsibility of the player. More information can be found on www.playstation.com.


Competition Sites:


Screen Info Tech Info

Home Page

How to Order GRAW From Ubisoft

Order GRAW

Order Through Ghost Recon.Net

Ghost Recon.Net

The Xbox 360 Full Review, any thing and every thing to do with the 360

360Full Review

This Web site seems to offer the best in GRAW Video footage for Console.


This site offers good Previews and a list of Tech Info for Xbox/Xbox 360 and has added configeration options.

Team Xbox

Again Gametrailers offer some stunning Screens shots in High Definition very large.

High Def Screen Shots

The 1UP Show: Season 2 - Episode 3.

Has a good piece on GRAW.

Iup Show on GRAW SEEN

Christian Allen Lead Designer From R.S.E. MP Development Team Explains the MP side of GRAW.

Explanation of MP

Ubisoft Official Preview Links:

Total Video Games Interview

Total Video Games Preview

Sponge Preview

Games Radar Review

Pro G Review

Press Start Online Preview

IGN Review C.A.RSE


GameSpy Review

GameSpy Review

Some quotes:

- If you own a xbox 360, you'll need to get this title!

- After a dramatic showing at X05, Ubisoft listened to the gamejournalists and delayed GRAW, the delay worked out fantastic!

- The commandstructure works perfect, it resembles Brother's in Arms commandstructure!

- The game goes back to it's roots! It's a tactical game!

- The pace is slow. As the first GR!

- Because it resembles the first GR gameplay. It's tactical. And if you loved the first game, this will be your new Heroine! It's highly addictive!

- The shootouts are intense and amazingly thrilling!

- You still can't take much fire. It's realistic. Watch out carefully!

- GRAW is graphically at the very top of the xbox360 architecture!

- It has amazing detail. Everything feels real, sight and sounds!

- Still there is some scripting in the game. But we don't mind! It's not much!

- The levels are big and open. You aren't limited to one specific route!

- They haven't really played the multiplayer part of the game.

So not much comments about that!

- The reviewer is hooked! The action of a FPS and the depth of a RTS!


Ubisoft listned to the comments and adjusted the product till they had a showstopper. Get GRAW NOW!


For all the pleasures of GRAW co-op, and the ease of the 360's Live architecture, this is still a Ghost Recon game first and foremost. If you're a player who likes to run and gun -- or, preferably, gun and gun and gun -- you're going to come to a quick end. If you can't take orders, or like to run your own show, well, this is still a Ghost Recon game. Expect to either change your ways or spend a lot of time in spectator mode, watching your teammates finish up a game.


Closing Comments

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a next-generation game in the fullest sense, whether it's the loaded package of impressive graphics and special effects, the top-notch sound, or the tactically enhanced gameplay. Red Storm's four-plus months of extra time have served the game incredibly well and you can see the difference in the screenshots and you will feel it in the gameplay. It's still Ghost Recon, which is to say it's still a rather acquired taste in first/third-person shooters, but as the series goes, this one is easily the best one yet. You'll be impressed with the stunning single-player game, and when you're done, you'll finally get to play long sessions on Xbox Live with an online game that's fully equipped to deliver a next-gen package. My advice, get this game, or get thee to a nunnery!

Finale Round up of Previews.

Pro-G - 9/10

Bovine Conspiracy - 9/10

GameTrailers - 9.9/10

MyGamer - 9.2/10

The Laser - A

Gaming Target - 9.4/10

BoomTown - 9/10

Deeko - 9/10

EToyChest - 9.5/10

XboxCore - 9.8/10

ThumbBandits - 9/10

MSXboxWorld - 9.5/10

GamesExtreme - 9.3/10

TotalVideoGames - 9/10

GameSpy - 5/5

ClubSkill - 9.3/10

Xbox 360 Advanced - 9.5/10

GamesRadar - 10/10

YahooGames - 9.2/10

GamePro - 4/5

GameSpot - 9.2/10

IGN - 9.2/10

TeamXbox - 9.3/10

If any one wants another link put on please PM me, but it needs to be a good information link only.


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