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Playing style, co-op or player v player

Which one do you play  

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I went for player v player, as there's nothing better than taking out a friend or enemy on line.

Saying that, and due to numbers of human players allowed in GRAW (4 max), so others may disagree, but I reckon co-op will be something pretty special on this game.

Please vote and discuss

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Saying that, and due to numbers of human players allowed in GRAW (4 max)...

They've recently stated that Co-Op will support 16 players for Xbox360.

On top of the standard competitive play is cooperative co-op action which allows the full online crowd (yep - 16 player co-op) to complete single player missions.

From Team Xbox's review. I just hope the same applies to PC!

Oh, I voted to player v player!

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CooP is fun but only whe there is not enough players for Team vs Team - which is much more challenging than beating stupid AI with crowd of players.

hehehe Best stay out of our server if you think the AI are stupid!



Well, only I and my Bro went through all the map from GR1 on elite without any problem . It was peace of cake after playing against real oponents on Siege and Hamburger Hill servers.

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P vs P more challenging IMO.

In theory TvT still requires COOP IE: the team your on works together against the other team. I always find that TvT seems to break that down and no one in each team realy works that well together. I guess if some new games modes force that more in TvT and each team has T.S./Comms to work COOP within the team then I would be well up for that.

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Co-op seems like the most popular now, but I remember when GR was in its hey day and hardly anyone seemed to be playing co-op. Only server that I could find was either a =SeALZ= or a =SEALZ= or TG or even BAD (plus a few others) most people were doing a whole load of running and gunning until the Tactical Recon tournaments started. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, then. <_<

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I'm strictly a hardcore co-op and TACTICAL tvt player(meaning that i play on teams against other like-minded, serious tactical teams.

After 5 years of GR, I never even got past the second Sp mission. Once i started playing co-op, never went back to finish SP.

And all that running and gunning crap just isn't my style.

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A vote to find out the most popular gamestyle is fine but I don't see why people try to compare the different styles.

They are poles apart.

I think people confuse the two sometimes but they are different. Co-Op in the normally accepted sense is a group of people playing against the AI in a scripted mission or firefight, it does NOT include RL opfor.

Team vs Team or Player vs Player is not what is normally recognised as Co-Op play, I'm not saying Teams don't cooperate just that's not the normally accepted use of the term Co-Op.

P v P or T v T has it's own merits and it's own rewards like knowing that all that practice and hard work was worth it and you defeated others like you in a contest of skill.

Not my prefered gametype (getting old and the old twitch is more a spasm now) but each to their own.

Co-op also has it's own rewards, getting together with a group of friends and trying that new mission, getting your ass handed to you by the scripter and then getting down to it, working out what ordinance you need, where you need to hit, having a backup plan, hitting simultaneous targets and completing the objectives.

Both are valid, both are enjoyable, I just hope GRIN have done us proud on BOTH.

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The poll results surprise me actually, I didn't realize so many preferred co-op, interesting.

Yeah, same here. Is that because the coop part of GR1 is still going strong? Where as the team v team has pretty much died a death. Or that this poll is a realistic result of how people want to play GR, or more importantly, GRAW?

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i think it has partially to do with the reduced ammount of cheating in coop, it requires fewer players to get a good game going and you get less run and gunning typically. just my 0.02. T vs T is fun too especially if you know the oposing team so you know they arent cheaters or run and gunners, but a cheater or bad oponnent can really take the fun out of a t vs t game where as in coop you are all on the same side and dont have to worry about the issues in the T vs T types. At least thats my explanation.

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