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Hello all, ive been playing GR for 2 mos and i found some things i want to change what program can i use to open and see a .rsb file? i want to change the retical on my M82A1 Barrett sniper rifle. i have some nice ones on a verity of nice weapons but i dont know how to open the files so i can preview them till i find the one i want thx in advane for your help :) Sgt spear

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Hey SGT Spear,

Photoshop elements will allow you to do some things but only at a basic level, if anything is layered then ya stuffed to work with the .RSB's:(!

I have a full copy of Elements as well and managed to change some things but was in the same situation you are in now lol, it wasn't long before I had to track down the full Photoshop 7 to get anywhere hehehe :)!

Happy hunting!

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Reticules and kit icons can be made with PS 5 and up if you use the DS plug-in.

Transperant map or character skins can not be mad with this one.

But I would recommend using PS 7 and the IT plug-in as that will let you do all types of textures and the IT plug-in uses a few different save setting for differnt use which makes it better suited.

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