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new mod in the making..


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hey all. thanks for all the comments and ideas. all the weapons are finished now. i think there are bout 80 player weapons - i could be wrong, 40 ish enemy weapons and a whole bunch of other models/qobs/and rsbs of others that other people may put gun files to if they wish. lot's of stuff. 20mm rifles, 12.7mm rifles, 50 cals, lmg's,smg's, grenade launchers, rpg's, frags, assault rifles..........

i had to stop somewhere, as i have ideas for new mods. i need to save some thing's for that. im thinking of slowly putting together a weapon package of camo/ghillied guns for snow/desert/woodland/jungle. all free to use.

after the kalashnikov mod with ingeloop and sup, im looking to do a falklands mod too. have to see what happens...

i'll get some game screenies up soon of this mod - still dont have a name!! ....yet.

cheers all.

oh yeah, mate -thanks for those pics of the mk48. i have already finished the weapons for this mod, but i can either build you one -or include it in the next? i do have m249 para and m249 saw sd included in this one though. if that helps? :D

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80 weapons huh? Impressive. Happy to hear you're doing the Kalashnikov mod too. Look forward to that.

As for the MK43, you can make it if you have time. I certainly would appreciate it. If you do could you put an Eotech and AN/PEQ-2 on it? Thanks nat. ;)

jay - I know. It's not the Mod 1 with all the rails though.


Forogot to say "nice pics" as well nat. :D

Love that AKS-74U in the second pic. :yes:

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ok, seeing as you asked -heres a list...




aks-74u sd

aks74u - bs1 silent gl


famas sd

famas - m203

famas sd - m203



kedr sd



m4a3 sd

m4 sd -anpvs scope


benelli m1014

benelli m3

benelli supernova

benelli super black eagle

mossberg 590 super shorty

fn scar l


p90 triple rail sd

ppsh 41 (old school)

ppsh 41-drum mag ( still old school)

rpk 74 - scoped

valtro pm5

ruger ac556 (with bayonet)

sig 550

usp compact sd

sterling mk5 ( coz it's cool)

steyr tmp sd

imi tavor

imi tavor sd

imi tavor micro sd


milkor mgl

l86 lsw

mi34 vulcan minigun

m16 lmg c-mag


m249 para

m249 saw sd

m2hb .50 cal

m79 gl


bravo 51

ingram mac 10 sd

famas sniper sd

beretta pm12s

m14 socom


l2a3 smg

berretta 92fs

m21 tactical

m24 sws



ntw 20


colt python .357

vz.61 skorpion

remington 700 (desert camo)

remington 700 (woodland camo)

imi tavor sniper

truvelo .338l

truvelo 7.62mm

vsk 94

vssk "vychlop" 12.7mm

walther wa-2000

ots-14 groza


there are a few other too, i didnt (couldnt be bothered) write them down as they are the same -but with different atachments. oh yeah, there are frags and stuff too. :o=

there is also a whole bunch of enemy weapons, cant remember what exactly though...

i know some of that stuff is old skool - eg- sterling, but i did read that the british army still use it as a reserve wapon. plus - i had to build it coz it looks cool with that sideways mag effort!! ....i like it anyway..


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phew! glad you like it. i know it's a bit random, but the idea is for people to use them in their own mods as they see fit. thats why it doesnt follow any particular country/time/style/weapon class. i figured id just make all the thing's that i thought would be fun.

ace. if you guy's are happy...im happy. :D

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if i can....just...stop...adding new..........uh,.....stuff........

arrgh. wrong m16 pic, it's a little different now. i changed the detail on the anpvs scope - a bit more camo, a bit less bright blue buttons!

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howdy all. well, i've had zero modding time in the last few weeks. suck's when that happens eh?

im gonna have to resort to older model pics again. here's an amp dsr that i STILL havent finished. im lame.



it's not great -but it's something to look at eh? should be back modding soon. gotta finish up some stuff for ingeloop, then i'll try get this mod finished asap.

primus - i dont have a suppressed version of the hk - but i can add one. in fact - i will... :o=

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