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new mod in the making..


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hey all. been working on my new mod and thought it was about time to show a small amount of whats gonna be in it. just wondered what peoples thought's were on these pics?

it's only a very small portion of the sniper weapons i have made -dont wanna give it all away yet!! there are also new weapons for rifleman/demo/support. mod will also include new characters and enemy weapons + new snipers -ghost and enemy. i've been busy! lots more to come.

rock on.


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Lookin' sweet, natsanwa! What is the name of your up-coming mod?

hehe, well -thats one thing i dont have - a name! yet. it's kinda gonna be two mods in one -one for sniper only-then another campaign for full team. just thought i'd mix it up a bit. basically two mods released at the same time. so far there are about 40 or so new weapons for ghosts and about 30 enemy only weapons -this will increase alot as time goes on though. they will be about ten nw missions for each campaign -all with new characters and so on.

thankfully -ingeloop has made some great kit icons for me -the guy is a legend!! so still a few things to do, but it's fun making 'em eh?

also got some great sounds and projectile from stalker for the ntw20 - also a legend!


nat :thumbsup:

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lol -thanks guy's! i wish they did look like real weapons! i had to use 'artistic liscence' on some parts that i couldnt find a picture of, also im quite lazy - so they are made and textured and exported in about a day a piece. so far from being exactly right.

thanks also for the offer of help -really appreciate it, may just call you on that one, hehe-thanks


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Wow man! Look at this guy! I remember not too long ago you were asking how to open photoshop  :D ! Now look at what yer making.

Excellent models nat, this mod will be really great!  :rocky:

cheers element! yep,i'm gonna have a massive thank you list in the readme! readme alone will be '2hrs at 56k'. hehe.

did that idea of yours ever come to light after? y'know the one i mean..(dont wanna say too much incase i give something away)


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thanks for the comments all. it's inspiration to carry on and not throw my computer out the window!

thought i'd post a pic of a new sidearm. colt python - my first revolver -so gimme a break? i know it's not the best ever but hey -ya gotta learn

good day to all. :thumbsup:

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Any updates or new renders?



hey all. not had much time to mod lately, so heres some older stuff - just for an update as requested by mr 11. rock on. i gotta figure out how to make maps somehow, as i have sooo many new weapons that it may aswell be a weapons mod at the moment! haha, it's coming along though. slowly. lots more to do though. got a whole new bunch of stuff in the making........ :thumbsup:

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Just a suggestion, for the bulpup weapon, not sure what its called, but the scope is just unrealistic. Its too big to be fired, and to be able to hit the broadside of a barn with at least a bipod. :)

Very nice models though. I like that pistol. hk...... USP im guessing?

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