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Easter Egg maps


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i utilized the hidden "bunker" as i call it from the market map in State of Emergency....... :rocky:

the problem with it is that it is very hard to place actors in the room you come to. you may want to place actors near the table, but since everything uses only one level, your actor will instead get placed next to the garbage can above!!! :rolleyes:

i did figure out where you can and cannot place actors however, so when this mod finally gets released, you all can have fun.

oh yeah.....i also found that AI dont think too highly of following you underground...so dont bother to try to take 2 or more guys down under at once...youre better off going alone and hoping the boogie man dont getcha! :P

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if you want to have fun in a MP game like script it so your insertion zone is inside a building that no one can get into and then you play your brother like i do and shoot him and he can find you untill you leave the building. anyway anyone else ogt stuff

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A nice little map. Anyone know who if Rawker is active?

Read me text:

If you are a mission scripter and would like to script a mission for my map, please feel free to do so, let me know so i can help you out (some things in the map might need to be changed)

Tried to email 3 or 4 days ago now but no reply.



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