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Easter Egg maps


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I was wonderting if people could post like a list of maps that have hidden places or hidden stuff done to them, cause it would be cool to know about some of them.

White Skull Valley has a "secret" cave. Nuff said! LOL

Still wondering if the elevator shaft from the wine storage room is a clue to look for some other tunnels.

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Didn't Rawkers Industrial map have a hidden room as well?

You may be thinking of hidden disco. You'll hear music as you get close. The only way in is to blast a wall.

I recently went in with unlimited OICW ammo and systematically blasted everything I could find hoping to find some hidden rooms.

There are also at least 3 other destructible walls and 2 doors in Industrial.... none really lead to anything special. The walls are often just corners of buildings. Nice touch but underutilized in the gameplay.

It's too bad someone could not adapt the Geo-Mod engine from Red Faction. LOL

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What Market map? er, the RSE one???

This one. One of the first fan made maps for GR. Quite well done, really.

Sorry for the popups. The download link is in the bottom left, and then in French, the mid-left. But it's there. I swear!

EDIT: The site is a bit of a maze, but the link should be safely on the left side of the screen, no matter how it resolves.

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The Market map has a hidden sublevel

Ok, I'm dizzy looking for this sub-level. :wacko: Where the hell is this sub-level. :stupid:

IIRC it's behind some wood panelling on a wall, blast it down...

Dead cat? lol Must go look for it.

Can you be more specific...Is it in the market alone or along the side of the map?


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LOL Wrong market, it's in a home-made map by Rawker called Market. Can't find it at the moment...

Edit yup that's the one, where you can flip over the tables (they're doors).

The cat is on the extreme east of the map, just outside the tunnel.

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