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Two new short video Files

AJ Riley

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are we going to actually fight in some urban maps in mexico city as well ?  I sure hope so.

I hope so too! :)

Bigolbrain sorry for the double post then... I'll pay more attention next time :wall:

No harm at all. ;)

Anyway, I'm sure we will get some Mexico city action.

Map I know about for sure from screens, Xbox mag, and videos are:

1) The beach map ( I don't like this map...looks to pretty or something)

2) Dry docks

3) Junk Yard

4) Desert

5) Some kind of jungle with a lagoon in the middle of it.

BTW, Dry Docks is the only one that I got the name right ^. :blink:

Now my understanding is that there will be 10 maps total. Personally I would like some good Jungle and more than one city maps.

Only 10 multiplayer maps at launch....not to bad but you know it's gonna be a while before we get more. :(

I'm really curious how a jungle map will look....good stuff I bet.

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I love how the guy playing is using the good old OTS exploit to see around rocks when his head and eyes are clearly obstructed.  :wall: I will never understand peoples support for OTS in a ghost recon game.  It is Oxymoronic.

I like the OTS, but I agree the exploit is frustrating. I remember seeing the E3 vids and thinking they'd implemented some kind of dynamic camera to solve the problem. Looked great (as did the fpwv) Eh... too bad those vids were totally fabricated!


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I hear ya.  The single player shots/ footage the OTS seems tighter to the body which would probably help a bit.

Speaking of having the camera tighter to the body, what about this precision aiming view? Are we going to be able to play with this view activated all of the time, or is it only to zoom (and shoot) from the normal OTS. I think, if this view was activated (and locked) by the server, we can have the luxury of having and OTS view, and eliminating the OTS exploitations.

Does anyone know?

Can the precision aiming view be played as the primary view, and the zoom would be scoped?

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