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Patria 8x8 vs. Pandur II 8x8


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On a long road to modernize it's army, and make it compatible to NATO standards, Croatia is about to purchase 128 wheeled armoured vehicles. (the original plan was to buy 200 pieces, but due to financial reasons, the first purchase batch will count "only" 128 vehicles). Croatia will keep M-84 and M-84A1 tanks, but retire all of the old T-55 tanks, and implement heavy wheeled APCs in their place.

The final choice will be made between

Finish Patria 8x8


and Austrian Pandur II 8x8.


Both vehicles are currently being tested to the extreme by Croatian army before the choice is made.

I'd like to hear everyone's 2 cent on one or both vehicles and which one has the upper hand.

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