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After over one thousand posts in this forum, you'll have read the good the bad and the ugly.

Arguments that pertain to the game, developers and sometimes the excuse to release frustrations over nothingness.

I've been on both sides of the coin, as some of you have also.

Yet after all our disagreements we can't deny that we truely have the best interests when it comes to developing a game such as the one we are hoping fofills all of our dreams.

You and I also need to admit that though this game will be released, the inevitable will happen upon the release of the next title. We will argue and point fingers as if it were the last game to be released in the universe.

Point being,these arguments will exist as long as there are games being made and we should all step back and learn to appreciate the fact that someone out there has spent thier life in order to attempt to satisfy you and I the gamer.

So I'll see you guys upon another games release, same argument different channel, or can we all just try to get along?

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Won't ever happen.

HALO, Farcry, GR, etc....

any game I know of when it has a sequal there will be critisism. If they like it or not they wont ever please everyone and thoes that are disatisfied will let others know.

Im still waiting for a demo, Like most others I wish would realise. The proof is in the pudding.... and we havent gotten a real taste of what this game will be like.

and if its not good, theres always Armed Assault :)

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in my opinion if we weren't discussing (and by nature disagreeing!) with each other there wouldn't be much point in releasing a game......

moderators are there to keep the ugly limited, and the good and bad come hand in hand, as no-one ever has the same idea of wat a game shud be compared the next guy to hit 'add reply'

thats the beauty of a community like this one, everyone can voice an opinion, everyone has a chance to air their views, and as a result of some of the arguments in here, i've changed my position on a few things over a whole range of topics.....

yeh some get a little out of focus, and taking a step back will help calm things, but at the end of the day, while the programmers spend their work days producing a game for us, its us who spend our free time playing, and in modders cases working to produce the community u see standing before u.....so if they wanna argue, i say let them argue, so long as everyone treats everyone with respect, theres always room to argue, shows the community cares about the game.....

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Raising an argument on a subject and just plain arguing direct with someone is a vast difference.

I guess the killer for most threads is the old hate UBI routine around here and just general repetative winging on covered subjects. As the sticky points out on this forum section.

Ive had a fair share of rants etc over time but now im happy the fact that GRAW is on its way and will wait and see. Im having more fun on the rest of the forum at the moment. I like to see that fresh things are being asked about GR1 in the Ghost Recon part of the forum ... plus old mod requests etc, quite a buzz.

Im happy getting along and playing GR1 / GTR and seeing what GRAW ends up like. If it blows us away, im in ... if its crap then I have my eye on 2 other alternatives.

I think this may be my last post in the GRAW section untill its here and we can start to talk about what we have on our PC's hard drive than 3rd party info all the time.

Im now waiting for a thread entitled :

"GRAW PC Demo released >" & "Just installed GRAW & my thoughts >" .... I think only then will this section have something new to talk about & chew over.

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Debates about games on "this or that" are good. we all have different views. If I get a perspective on an issue that I never saw, but someone points out something new, then i can get a clearer picture of what the product might be like(flaws or not). But criticizing a product shouldn't be viewed as bad, it should be viewed as a way for devs, to understand what their customer core like/disliked about the prior sequel or game.

If they are diligent, then they will make what their customers will like.

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They need to release their product, and then the community can HELP, as they would release several Patches or Upgrades.

How much lost revenue, lost community members since there was no GR2? (for PC)

They could have put out the game in its basic design form, continued to develop add-ons/ Patches, Simultaneously developing a stunning GR3, all the time learning from the GR2 Dev team, and community requests.

I can only hope that with GR3, the do make patch updates, that the community wants.

I can only be content when they give me something.

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