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Mother of all Gaming Rigs


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Well all I can say is OUCH.

The most powerful gaming PC in the world

While many had suspected the release of a new edition of Dell's XPS gaming line, few knew quite how far Dell was willing to take things. With considerable flourish, Dell himself unveiled the XPS 600 Renegade, a limited edition gaming PC boasting not just a gnarly looking paintjob, but the be-all-end all of PC gaming: 4 Nvidia 7800 GPUs, running through dual card SLI boards at 16x, as well as a factory-overclocked Intel Extreme Edition 4.26 GHz CPU. By far the most powerful gaming computer yet known to man, Dell cited tech-specs at 1.3 billion transistors within the GPUs and 2 gigabytes of dedicated frame buffer memory, as well as benchmark figures of 41 Gigaflops per second and a total of 5.2 TFLOPs. Suffice to say, the Renegade is a beast of here-to-fore unknown power.


:wacko: Must Cost a fortune.

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