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Ghost Recon: AW dev diary #1(includes new footage


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I agree about the cross-com. Seems like a silly novelty to me. I know I will be turning that off pronto. Especially for multiplayer. I would much rather see the team working on Clan support than a silly Cross Com system. Who wants a square mini screen blocking their vision of the battlefield. [GR] still had the best tools for knowing where your guys were at and calling out positions. Just pull up the map and look. That was awesome.

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There's a developer of GRAW on the IGN forums, here's what he's saying.


The footage looks quite good, but it was taken a while ago, and the HD textures were not implemented in that version of the game.

The screenshot was taken with these textures in, so that is the difference you are seeing. You will see more and more videos in the next 1-2 months, and as we progress you will see HD textures and graphics that will blow you away.

The game that ships will look better than that screenshot if you can believe it. But wait and see for yourself before you trust me

The game that ships will look better than anything you have seen online. But, when in doubt, rent. Or play the demo.

Someone asking if it can ever look as good as the E3 footage.

Should look better. E3 was a long time ago. But you be the judge

Demo definitely coming, he's just not sure when yet.

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