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I started working on this a long while back and really haven't done much with it recently, so I decided to tune up a few things and get it out to the public and see what they think of it.

GRBot is a little GR client written in C++ for GR servers. It is a console based app you can use for basicly chatting with people in the server. I guess you could also use it for testing your connection to GR servers and such.

Also, there's cool commands you can use while your using it, check the readme for descriptions of them. Not only do they work client-side, but you can configure an Operator, so that you can do these commands from inside the server on a real GR client. :rocky:

Download Here

Feel free to post here comments, suggestions, bugs, etc.

Also, in case any server admin's are wondering, this program doesn't do anything malicous.

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