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GRAW's official release date is March 31st


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Well look at that.... They are waiting for the last day of UBI's fiscal year. So I stand by what I said before, I think they are waiting for as many 360s to get on the market as possible before releasing it.

BTY I got this from Colin on the UBI boards so credit goes to him for the find.

31st March 2006 is the confirmed release date for GRAW console and PC.


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:nono: It just confirms what many of us have thought for a long time.................

All this "We're not releasing it yet, because want to make sure the gamer is getting the best experience" rubbish is just that...... Rubbish!!!

I wish they'd just have the honesty to come out and say "We'll release it when it'll make us the biggest profit!" and stop trying to make us believe they actually care one way, or another about anything else.....

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@Baldicus, What I meant was... I agree w/you! As far as a company's caring is tied to its (potential/real) profits/returns, then re GR and its "expansions," it seems "caring" for PC'ers is 1/5 with the other 4/5 of "caring" going to consolers - primary being 360'ers... good news for that crowd, though.

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Hmmm . . . the 31st is a Friday. Normally, when a company says the release date is "X" then that's the day the game ships and it hits the retailer shelves the following day, in this case Saturday. Saturday releases do happen, especially with Nintendo products, but they are extremely rare. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most common days for a release followed by Friday.

I'm still skeptical.

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From what I hear the 31st is the UK release, and here in the States, it will be the 20th of March. I hope that is right.

I thought that I read a post on this forum that suggested March 31st was the UK date and maybe the US would be looking at March 7th...Tuesday...?????

Do I hear February 22nd? :rofl:

Okay, seriously. One has to admit that if you look at all the hundreds if not thousands of posts in this forum that fall under the heading GRAW, this game has generated a lot of thinking. In some ways I'll be sorry to see it released. As a member who spends more time reading than posting, the entertainment value has been high. I'm not trying to stick it to anyone here. I'm serious. Grin and everyone else that designs/produces/markets games like this should be awed at the way our community has been galvanized by this upcoming release and by all the thoughtful (and sometimes not so thoughtful) posts that are here. But I hope everyone can see the humor that underlies all of this and enjoys the reading as much as I do.

Actually, after GRAW is released, there will be just as much good posting and reading. The sub headings will just be different: Best Kill, Most Embarassing Moment, Coolest Screenshot.....

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Having just seen on Ubisoft's own site that they are also releasing the next Splinter Cell offering in March, I wonder if we should be running a book on which of the two titles will be put back so they don't compete with each other?

I seem to remember the last ubisoft warfare title to compete for release with Spinter cell was Rainbow-Six Lockdown, and how many times was that put on hold?

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