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Ubisoft confirms GRAW Release date

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Can we now say that cancellation of the product would be impossible? are we pc gamers safe?

No. Don't put anything past them. Remember what they did with GR2. But at least now we have some sort of idea. Whether that date remains good or not, we'll just have to wait and see, as Ubi has never been really good about keeping schedules.

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hmmm <_< that date coincides a little to closely to my wife's Birthday.

"Shucks - all resturants are fully booked :shifty: I guess well just stay at home & I'll have a look at this game I happend to find on the way back home from work ;) "

nah!!! she'd never fall for that one cos I'm terrible at lying. I guess I'll have to book her into a beauty farm for the week :yes:

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Just pre-Ordered, officially...

March 31, May 31, August 18... makes no difference to me. I have school and a girlfriend to keep me entertained until it comes out.

GRIN, Ubi, take your time... please, give me one hell of a game. As this is the only game I'm gonna buy in 2006.

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I'd hardly think that Grin and UBI would screw themselves by doing such a thing.

now UBI i could definitely see doing it ... i mean who other than the die-hard GR-PC community are they really going to enrage if they ditch it? Need we re-hash GR2?

... but GRIN being the reason for stopping it? That move would seem suicidal for them.

everyone here has such nice/bizarre tags... i feel naked.

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